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zaterdag 20 februari 2016


Good Morning all....
Do you all also have such strange weather.

I have seen so many rainy grey days, but also day's with -5 , or then days with +10..
Last week started with -5 and sunny, so lovely... now grey and rainy..
What time of year is it?? 

Thank you all for your sweet comments about mt last post .... blush

Here I have some crochet clothing finishes:

I had shown the start of this scarf.
Here the finish.
I reall love this yarn ByClaire nr.2 so soft!!

And the yellow one is also finished.
( here I just cut my bangs myself... I needed a change)

I'm very happy with my scarfs.

 Here is my Criss Cross Shrug. 
It was a big and long project, but I'm glad I finished it!!

I love wearing it. On the above pic the front I need to put a bit better. 
But now you have a bit of a idea how it is.
It's just a long scarf with sleeves, really great to make

* ~~* 

Then I told you about a new orer.
Let me show you the start
The start of the faces!!

When its finished I hope it will look a bit like this:
Mother Earth
Such a lovely pattern.
And as I love it so much, I'm also going to make one for me too..!!
So I will be busy  next weeks

* ♥ * ♥ *

Noah loves Judo.. you all have seen that..
But look at this

 Little Kira, also training Judo..
You can try 3 times before going on it.. so she wanted to do that.

Now she first has to wait till she got the first 2 swimming diploma's before she can judo again..
It's a good motivation......

Kids here have Spring Break now.. 
Here are a few things organized, so we will have a lot of fun!!

Have a great weekend

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

9 opmerkingen:

cucki zei

Aww I love the cute..
Little Kira is so cute..give her my love
Big hugs x

Preeti zei

Your scarfs are all beautiful !! And the shrug is very stylish too. :) I hope Kira too will master judo like her brother. Good luck to her!!

Hetti zei

Leuke sjaals heb je gemaakt Annette!
En de foto's van het carnaval en de kinderen zijn echt om te genieten :-)))
Fijne week, mag wel wat minder regenen.......
XXX Hetti

Nina Hobbysite zei

Mooie sjaals heb je gemaakt. Leuk dat kira judo ook leuk vindt. Fijne voorjaarsvakantie!

Stitching Noni zei

Oh my goodness... you have been so busy with your crochet needle! Your scarfs are beautiful.
I can't wait to see more of Mother Earth. How clever are you? Such a clever creation :o)
Goodness me... two Judo experts in the family! Watch out they don't start practicing on you!
Hope the kids enjoy spring break :o) Our weather has been very weird here as well.... very hot days and then a complete change where the temperature virtually halves overnight and we get a couple of days of winter back again!
Take care, hugs xx

Mylene zei

Love all your crocheted scarfs...all are bautiful!
Today was sunny so kind of busy at the harbour where i worked, expected coming days though were grey and cold. Still winter...i'm afraid! Fijne crocus vakantie!!

Angel zei

Mooie sjaals, kan helaas nog zeker geen kwaad om die te dragen met dit weer!Ik had moeder aarde al langs zien komen op fb.
Leuk dat je er ook 1 voor jezelf gaat maken, veel knutselplezier!

Carol zei

Lovely scarves and shrug, Annette! Is there any craft that you cannot master? You are very talented... Love the fact that little Kira is trying Judo, too!! Have fun with your Mother Earth doll--it looks like a really interesting design :)

Happy March to you and your family!

♥ Nia zei

How cool!! Kira doing Judo too :D Is she enjoying it??
How old did she start swimming lessons? I want to do it with my boy too ;)
Great work on your crochet! Congrats on your finishes! All looks so pretty =) well done my friend.
Love you doll =) I saw that blog you sent me, remember? So nice those tutorials, I almost wanted to make dolls too hehehehe But no, not starting new crafts anytime soon :p Your doll looks perfect! Congrats :D