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dinsdag 20 oktober 2015

Crochet, and even a bit of stitching

~Winter is Coming ~ GAME OF THRONES ~

It's really cold here, last week it was the whole day 3 degrees.
Now it's a bit more slowly it climb up to 13 degrees.
But now the rain is coming more and more.. this afternoon I saw even sunshine, that was long ago.
It's really FALL
That also means candles
I have been working on my blanet.. I really can't see another square anymore.
But I can tell you:

As you can see Noah is very very very happy with it.
Here a pic of how it looks

For the edge I made little picots. It a cute crochet stitch, and I though perfect for a boy blanket.

It's the first of the 3 blanket I started that I finished!
And also the last.. lol.... 

I'm very glad I finished it, big projects I get bored to fast, but who knows!!!

* * * 

I saw I didn't show the poncho of Kira finished
The colors are really hard to get good on the picture.
But you can undestand it's all PINK PINK PINK

She loved it so much.
I can't find the picture, but she made the ponpoms on front with a little machine I have. 
Very happy is she.
And now she wants to learn to crochet.
We tryed with a hook, but thats to difficult yet.
So finger crochet.
She wants to do it everywhere, now she can do it
Here is was making a necklace for he new cuddle Bloom.
 here we made two bracelets, she really loves to do it.
More of Kira's crafts will be here soon to show

* * * 

Noah had Saterday another JUDO match.
This time with real points.
He won al the games, and earned 42 points, thats very good for the first time.
At 50 point he gets a emblem, and the more points he get the more emblems he gets, so you know what his goal is now. 14-11 is the next time he can try
 In the black is also his teacher here in town, 19 years old, very great teacher
 as he is small most boys where a head bigger then him, it goes on weight

below he got the card he his shows here above, on that the write his points 
So on to the next time!!!

* * * 

I;m working mostly night shift at my job, and you all now I like to cook and bake.
Last weekend I baked to whipe-creams pie's.
The patients and staff where very happy with it, night night there was nothing left for me to try.. hihi

* * * 

OWWWWWWWwwwww I found some pictures of my run from a few weeks ago.

I'm the girl in light blue.
last week I had another one, but my friend was ill, and I'm still very afraid in teh dark, so not going alone. but more runs are coming.. hope to do one soon again

* * * 

Sometimes we have a few moments of great weather, so we go out then.
A few weeks ago on a friday afternoon, kids had friends to play and we went to the forest
Its was very lovely, but who knows what we will get in teh next few weeks

* * *

Lets end this post to show you what I;m going now my blanket is finsihed
 yes yes... finally I;m stitching again, and this piece really needs to be finished before Xmas
For Kira I started another crochet horse, light brown with pink hair.....

Fun projects!!

I wish you all a great week, it;s a long post, so hope you enjoyed

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

12 opmerkingen:

butterfly zei

What a lovely homely post , you are suce a active family .
We use to do lots when our children were small too.
Love all your work such talent you have.

Nina Hobbysite zei

Je deken is erg stoer en mooi. De poncho is zo girly, leuk! En dapper hoor dat hardlopen. Succes met je paard.

Annie zei

The blanket and poncho both turned out so nice! I love how the kids appreciate your work so much and now they are really ready for cold weather.

Noah looks like one fierce competitor! And Kira is so precious working on her finger crochet. Love the look of concentration.

Running at night would scare me. You are very brave!

Mii Stitch zei

Yay! You've finished the R2D2 blanket!!! Doesn't it look fantabulous? I love it & your little boy will treasure it forever, I'm sure :)

Carol zei

How sweet is that photo of Kira and her crocheting, Annette! I'll bet you are so happy to have a daughter to teach your needlework to :)

The blanket is amazing--I'm sure Noah is so excited that a new Star Wars movie is coming out, isn't he? and I love Kira's pretty-in-pink poncho. I had a pom-pom maker when I was a little girl and used to love making pom-pom animals!

I'm sure your patients are thrilled when you share your baking talents with them.

Well done on your run--you don't even look tired!

Hope your weather will warm up soon!

Nima zei

Hi Annette, it has been ages i visited your blog...just go off with a comment or like on your fb some time now to sit and read. So nice to see you staying creative and also busy with your job..may god bless your little is always pleasure to read about them.

Lumiruusu zei

Hi ! Greetings from autumn cooured and quite chilly Finland. here up in the north we have already many frosty nights and actually i wait for winter -its almost my favourite season. I'm cozy cat who loves to stay at home and crfat my nights away.

The blanket you have crocheted is super cool and the pink one for kira is so cute too. So nice to see you bck on cross stitching too :)

♥ Nia zei

Noah is growing!!! Bigger than the last photos I remember, he has grown a bit more, changing face :)
Ohh I dream with that time when my boy will be into activities and crafts :D right now he just wants to run, climb, pick everything :p hehehehe
Jingles... So behind on that ... Shame on me :(

Angel zei

Oh, in mijn beleving was jingles al af:-)
Nog een klein stukje, moet lukken dit jaar!
Die poncho is zo lekker meisjesachtig, love it!
Snap dat je geen vierkantje meer kan zien voorlopig haha.
Wellicht wat kleinere werkjes de komende tijd.

Stitching Noni zei

Woo hoo! What a great blanket! I can see Noah is very happy :o)
Kira looks adorable in her pink poncho :o)
Your babies are growing up so quickly!
I was thinking the other day that I must get back onto Jingles.... can't remember when I last stitched on it!!
Hugs xx

Nina Hobbysite zei

Haha, dacht het door het smiletje. Maar dacht nee, dat kan ze nooit raden. Want als je zwanger bent, dan denk je dat iedereen het ziet en door heeft. Maar je had het dus wel goed :)

Mylene zei

Craft or not you are still a busy-bee. Congrats to Noah for his Judo and great job on your run.
Storm winds over here right now, hopefully over when i get up in the morning...
Happy week!