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zondag 20 september 2015

a lazy sunday...

Hello everyone,

How are you all?
I wanne thank you all for the congratz wishes on Noah's birthday in my last post.
The day after he celebrated it at school, and his teacher shares the same birthday and turned 60 so a big party was there on school, Noah loved it to sit in front of everyone together with his teacher

This is from in his class when they sing for Noah and he could treat
Mommy's always can come and watch ( we bring the treat and make photo's...hihi)
Yesterday we had the family party
That means cooking and baking
As it where busy weeks, I wanted to do it simple
I baked a whip-cream, and Noah wanted to help decorate
He was such a great help... :))))
But then how to decorate it.. he wanted a dolphin
So i started to draw with a knife a dolphin on the cake
I knew I had blue decorate stuff for cakes, so filled the dolphin with it
I think it worked out great
and then the finish::::::
We al loved it, Noah also!!

I also baked 2 apple-pie's

For dinner I made Lasagna and Saffron-Pasta, but I forgot to take a picture.
I did made this picture
Tomato with mozzarella
My favorite when I'm cooking a Italian dinner.

Noah had a awesome day
Spoiled with presents, playing with friends and nephews
And here Kira playing with her niece with dolls and horses
It was a great day..

So that's why today we are having a lazy sunday.
Watching Disney movies together, eating the pie's we have left from yesterday.
I even went for a run outside, did 7 km..... 
Today is the first in weeks we also have a dry and sunny day... Loving it!!
Hope you all have great weather too.


I finally finished my attic.
Boy boy.. what did i save a lot...
Now we have more room, It looks great, and kids already having fun,.
I sold some stuff on Facebook, and bought some games on Facebook back.
This was the best I think
Noah loves it so much.. and I could buy it cheap.. and kids are having fun


As you see on the above picture I braided Kira's hair with something new

I loved how it looked.

Yesterday I wanted to try it again.
And just know seeing I did another braid
This is a photo from this morning, didn't put it on the photo yesterday.
Friday I did a France braid, Yesterday did a Dutch braid.
I like the France braid more..
See the princes with the crown.. hihihi

Have a great day all.
We are going to watch some more Madagascar..hihi

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

6 opmerkingen:

mbroider zei

Seems like you have given the kids lots of fun moments! and braids for Kira:)

Annie zei

What a great school birthday party! That's one to remember!

Love Kira's braid. She has such beautiful hair.

Preeti zei

Glad to see you had a great time with your son at school:) Love Kira's braids!! My daughter also have that Twister game. I also played with her once.

Carla zei

So nice to see Noah celebrating his birthday. Looks like he had a great day!!
Love Kira's braid! I wish I could do that to Fernanda's hair but her hair is very fine :/

Carol zei

Gosh, Kira has the prettiest hair--your braiding is fabulous, Annette! She does look like a little princess.

So glad Noah had a fun birthday--his dolphin cake looks so yummy and I'm sure he's enjoying all those gifts. Your pies and birthday dinner are delicious looking, too.

I remember playing Twister when I was little--it's a classic game :) I'm sure the kids are loving their new games AND the extra space in the attic :)

Happy Autumn to you all--hope the kids are having fun in school!

Angel zei

Ruimte op zolder, mm tja ik mag hier ook weleens opruimen op zolder haha:-)
De taart was vast lekker!
Kira ziet er mooi uit met haar vlechten.