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woensdag 26 augustus 2015

Summer is almost over.......

I wanne thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes.

It was a great day, and you all made it as always better!!
I got two more packages that gave me a big smile.

The first came from Portugal sended by the sweet Nia.
She looked at my Pinterest account and found something to make me.
Loot at what she made me?
A cute pumpkin with a hat, and put all candy in it.. hihihi

So awesome beautifull buttons, ribbon... see the Gorjuss buttons?? awesome so beautifull
Dear Nia, I;m very happy with it and as it soon it Fall ( here the weather already is) I will gave it a beautifull place, thank you so much

* * * 

Then a few day's later another package come, but this time from France.

I was crocheting on Noah's blanket when the mailman came.
So many gifts an even something for Kira.

Look at all that ♥ ♥
Sweet Valerie, and Super hubby of course, you both made me smile so much. Both made the beautifull frame, Valerie the lovely stitched house, my house, and SuperHubby made the frame more beautifull then it was, 
And I gave it all a place!!
The beautifull calender from Angele, the cute pumpkin from Nia, and the beautifull white gifts from Valerie.
My favorite corner at the moment, and my craft chair is under it!! ♥
Happy me.

Last time I told you Noah was staying with my BIL and SIl.
I can tell you he had a awesome time!
 I just was there Noah went to the Chickens and looked for eggs, its what he did each morning, so he wanted to show me
Kira run to him, and shown me that they had found eggs. Kids where so happy!!!
In the car home Noah asked me that after being home for 4 days he could go back.. isn't he the sweetest ♥

* * * 

I'm busy working on my R2D2 blanket.
I really love it to be finished on Noah's birthday as far as I can.
After crochting some more
And some days we had sun, so I could make some beautifull pic's.

And then this afternoon I reached a big milestone.
I finished 300 squares!!!!!
I'm out off the black yarn, so started making the white around the head as it needs to be a big rectangle.
Tonight I had the night off, every night I have been crocheting like crazy, my fingers need a evening off from the hook.. hihi.. so typing this post as it has been to long ago again.....

* * * 

Let's start talking about cooking.
From my sweet neighbour I got blackbarries, and I wanted to bake a pie with it.
Blackberrie pie.. yum yum, I gave a part too my neighbour she loved it very much.

A few days later she gave me some more.
But this time I wanted to make ice-cream of it. I have a ice-cream maker, and never used it so looked a recipe, put some blackbarries and bananes in it, and yum yum yum
Give your daughter home-made purple ice-cream and your the best mom in the world... hihihi
Hubby told me I need to make ice-cream more often...

* * * 

We are having a strange summer here sun, rain, thunder, pink/purple sky's lightning
But we still have a great time
 Kiting is still the most favorite thing from the kids
Last week we went to the beach, I live near a small one, only 10 minutes drive, I haven't been there in year, but last year they made a beach, so went to there, kids had a great time
Here we where in Valkenburg with my inlaws. Where I live was a whole day sun, where we where no sun the see... only rain...

* * * 
 We are having a new hobby:


Who knows it????? 
As a child I played with it so much, I shown Nia, Rita en Valerie they don't know it, but do you???
 Kira loves it very much she is making much of it, Noah when he is not playing outside or with his Lego also plays with it
 The first horse is finished
Already started with a second horse, But Kira is also making small things, forgot to put the pic's on my laptop.
But I think it will come back more on my bloog.
I remember was I was little used the patterns to make them in to cross stitch patterns and then stitch them.
Next week the vacation is over and school started, I planned to put my attic up side down, so maybe will come across something, who knows

For now I'm ending this long post with a cute picture of Noah who will turn 7 in  few weeks.
My little boy is getting big, and way to fast

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

11 opmerkingen:

Preeti zei

You got lovely gifts from Nia and Valerie!!:) Your blanket is growing superb!! Glad to know you and kids had fun time at the beach:)
Yes, I have played that pixel art and my daughter too but it was with some other name.

butterfly zei

What a wonderful post again .
Lovely gifts from sweet friends , love the blanket .
Food looks yummy too. Have a happy week.

Annie zei

Another fun post of family fun! Such fun to get surprise gifts in the mail for your birthday!

The kids are really enjoying life as usual with the help and guidance of their super-Mom. Fun food, crafts, excursions... they have it all.

I never had that toy, but I have seen it here. It is indeed kind of like cross-stitch.

Carla zei

You got great birthday gifts, Annette!

Love your R2D2 blanket!! I'm sure you'll be able to finish it on time for. Noah's birthday

Mii Stitch zei

Sweet gifts! Great progress on the blanket :)

Dani - tkdchick zei

The Michael Powell Valerie stitched for you is just lovely!

Nina Hobbysite zei

Leuke cadeau's heb je ontvangen. Je deken wordt mooi. En wat een lekker dingen gebakken. Ministeck heb ik vroeger ook veel mee gespeeld. Erg leuk om te doen.

Mylene zei

Beautiiful picturess! and lovely gifts!!

Mylene zei

Beautiiful picturess! and lovely gifts!!

Carol zei

I always enjoy catching up on what the kids have been doing over the summer, Annette. Looks like they have been having fun and you have been crocheting and baking a lot! Just amazed at the R2D2 blanket--wow!! You are the best mommy :) Yes, the kids are growing up quickly--I noticed how tall Kira looks in that beach photo and Noah looks like he's about 10 in the last photo. It is hard to believe how quickly time flies :)

Hope you have extra crafting time with the kids back in school and I wish them each a wonderful school year!

Angel zei

Wat een leuke kados heb je gehad van Nia en Valerie!
Die pompoen heb ik ook van haar:-)
Leuk, heb je elk jaar weer plezier van.
Helaas de vakantie is weer voorbij, gaat veel te snel allemaal.