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zondag 21 juni 2015

Father's day and the start of summer

Hi all,

Today is the start of Summer!!!

Who doens't love Olaf??
Lets hope the summer weather soon will come, we are having grey/windy/rainy days..

But the sweet weather people told us summer weather will come, so let's hope so.

* * * 

Today it's Father's day in the Netherlands

Hubby is spoiled!!
I made a lovely breakfast on bed, and a yummy lunch at the diner-table.

He loved his presents.
Kira learned a song at school, I got also a song from her at Mother's day.
It's so fun to see what they all make

* ♥ * ♥ *

Then I showed you a piece I was making for Kira.
It's a cute little horse.

After a few hours we found the name, so let me introduce to you::

Kiara Luna 
( it are Kira's first 2 names)
 I finished it late late at night
 Next morning I told Kira to go down stairs, I hear a few minutes later a loud shout.. Kira found her horse, hihih =))
Already busy playing with it ♥
 A day later we had such lovely weather

 She enjoyed it very much

Even a lying pose!

I can tell you Kira is very very happy with it, she asked for 3 more..hihi ;)

* ^ * ^ * 

The did also some squares on Noah's piece
His head is finished!!.
And as some of you guessed it right.
It's R2-D2.
I only bought the wrong black yarn, need to go back to the store for new one.
So soon I can crochet more on this lovely piece..

Will I finish it before Noah's birthday on September???

* * * 

 Kira has learned from a classmate to draw Unicorns, Now see only draw's unicorns
 A pic from last week we had lovely weather, kids wanted to go on there step to school.
 And here Kira draw our family in unicorns, above Kira and me in pink and purple and below Hubby and Noah in blue.

She has Minnie Mouse scotch tape and use it to put them on our bedroom door..
Isn't that cute.

I made twice this lovely dessert this week.

Banana- Caramel ice-cream, strawberries and cherries, whipe-cream, and choco pieces.
yum yum yummy.

No garden pic's this time, forgot to take some.. hope this week the sun will come back, my hydrangeas are getting in to bloom, so beautifull.
Also my veggie-garden is doing a great job in growing too..

Till next time!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

5 opmerkingen:

Nina Hobbysite zei

Een mooi paard. En ik hoop ook dat het mooier weer wordt.

Annie zei

Father's Day is the same day in the U.S.! That's kind of unusual, huh?
Looks like a lot of fun.

That horse is just the cutest. I would have loved to see Kira's face when she first saw it!

Preeti zei

Very cute horse !!:) You are a super-mom !! The desert looks yummy :) I enjoyed seeing the pics and looking forward to see your garden pics. Here the summer ended two weeks back and we are having rains now.

Mii Stitch zei

Oh my gosh, the little horse for Kira is sooooo cuuuuute!!! I love it!! I'm sure she'll keep it forever!
R2D2 is coming along nicely, I'm sure your son must be really impatient to have it all done :)

Carol zei

You always make the cutest gifts for Noah and Kira, Annette! Kira's horse is just darling--no wonder she loves it. Best of luck with finishing R2D2 before September--I have no doubt you can do it :)

I would love to have that yummy looking dessert! I think it would make me fat, though :)

Our hydrangeas are just beginning to bloom, too--I love them so much! Hope your weather has been better--we've had nothing but rain here lately :(