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zondag 29 maart 2015

To many things to tell

Hi all,

I have so many things to tell, so many things to show.
I'm very very very nervous at the moment but will tell more about that at the end of the post .
I first wanne begin with a birthday.

Today is the birthday of my dear friend Valerie!! ♥
Sweetie I wish you have a wonderfull birthday ;)
May all your dreams come true, and ENJOY ♥ ♥
I finally made it to make and send a few gifts on time 
( way way behind on birthday's, but catching up)
This is what I made for the birthday girl

I didn't made very good pic's, it was dark that day!
But maybe she will show better ones on her blog.

The theme of her party is pink with grey, and her favo color is purle.
So after looking around on her pinterest ,in my stash pattern, this is what I all made!
I really hope she is very happy with it.
Have fun sweetie, talk to you soon

♥ ♥ ♥

Then it's time for a update on Soda Stitch
♥ The end is in sight!! ♥
I'm still loving this piece!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Two weeks ago we had a townsday, many organisations in town signed it, and they made a few competitions, one on them was a baking competition. I asked the kids and they loved it!
So we started baking, both there own cake.

You see them both working hard???
In the whole town where things to do ( I live in a small town)
Few things I show here in the above collage.

At my physiotherapist ( she is on the pic) they needed do a parcour. 
In the gym they could join for Tennis or Judo.

In a Atelier they could help paint.

Everywhere they could collect stamps.
But there was many more, I didn't made pic's of them all
At the end of the day, we needed to give the paper with the stamps, and wait in the townshouse who won the competitions.
 We had a awesome day, and they had so much fun, that was important.

After a few day's I heard that Noah's cake had 1 point lesser then the winner!!

All the kids loved his blue cake.
YEAH, YEAH,, ♥ ♥ Very good Noah!!

Then I was called if we where home in the evening, because they had something for Noah, and they wanted to give it before the newspaper came. So I presume he had won something. 

And YES he had won the stamp collect competition, and they told that would be in the newspaper, the winner of that, because they needed to time to see all papers!
Can you imagine how a little boy felt when he was the winner of the whole town and his name was also in the newspaper!!!

For the baking contest I already made him a diploma myself because that was so good of him..
Now he got another one

She his smile???

♥ ♥ ♥

As Noah liked the Judo on that day, we have asked him if he liked to do that some more.. 
Hihihihihi.. strick question

Here you can see him with his girlfriend who also liked it very much.
He is having so much fun on it!

♥ ♥ ♥

Someone knows this game??

We call it Zeeslag, I thought in English Sea-Battle or just Battle..
Kids are loving it here!!

♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

Then the thing I'm nervous about..
In a few hours I have my very first competition in running.
I'm doing a ladysrun of 5 km.

I'm typing here very nervous.

The weather is not working with me, it's raning and a very hard wind.
Really not good weather for running
But I love doing it!!

Getting 30 has changed my life.. LOL...
Never thought I would do this.

I my next post you will hear all about it!
And see the Easter crafts I made.

Have a great Sunday all, hoping you have better weather.
Wish me luck

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

12 opmerkingen:

Kate zei

Good luck with your run. I hope the weather isn't too bad. Congratulations to Noah, it sounds like you all had a great day.

Mylene zei

Such a great post and pictures!
Congratulations to Noah!
Goodluck😊👍! Hope the weather cooperates and dry during your run.


All those busy things, your life sounds like a roller coaster. Great a bakdiploma for the blue cake and a famous son in Town. I love your stitching. Best of luck with the run, Keep up the good work, sunny greetings from New Orleans, Alice

Preeti zei

Congrats to Noah!! :) He has done a great job!! I am sure you are a proud mom:)
And good luck for your run !!
Thanks for telling about Valerie's Birthday , I will send her wishes too. You have made lovely gifts for her. I know she likes purple and she will like those very much :)
Your cross stitch is looking lovely :)

Stitching Noni zei

Hello! Lovely to see you back again :o)
Wow, you have all been so busy... lots of updates in your post :o)
Good luck with your run today...
Hugs xx

Annie zei

Noah is turning into a real Renaissance man! Baking, stamp collecting, martial arts.. what's next?

Lovely set of gifts for your friend.

I really like thst Soda Stitch piece. It's coming along nicely.

Nina Hobbysite zei

Je borduurwerk is erg mooi. Leuk met zn allen cake bakken. Heel gaaf zo'n blauwe cake. En leuk dat Noah gewonnen heeft. Je heb weer een leuke week gehad. Veel succes met rennen.

Ranae zei

Yay! For both kids. Fun birthday gifties
Me and my girlfriend ran our first 5K just before we turned fifty, check one off the bucket list
Take care

Anoniem zei

succes met rennen, mooi borduurwerk van Soda

Dani - tkdchick zei

Its sooo nice to see some cross stitching!

Carol zei

You are one busy mom, Annette!! I always love stopping in to see what the kids have been up to. Congratulations to Noah on his yummy cake and stamp collecting win :) He looks so proud in his photo.

Oh, you're running a 5K! Good for you. I do hope the weather is going to be good for you...

I hope Valerie loves her pretty purple presents--please tell her "hello" for me! I miss her blog and emails...

Happy Easter to you and your family, my friend!

Angel zei

Wow, zulke mooie kadootjes voor Val!!! Ze moet superblij zijn geweest!Die uil en vlinders...echt geweldig!Zag dat je goed gelopen had.Knap hoor!
En je borduurwerk schiet lekker op, veel borduurplezier!