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donderdag 5 februari 2015

Valentine crafts, and a stitching update

Hi lady's and Gentlemen!

Are you having a white world also ?
Here they don't know what they want in the sky.. one moment it's white, next the rain let it al disaper again, and 20 minutes later it's all white again..
That was also on Monday.
I brought the kids to school, on our bike's ( forgot to look what the weather men would say).
Then I went to my physiotherapist, for treatment and fitness, after 45 minutes I look outside big big snowflakes where falling, many and coming hard down..

Ow my, I'm on my bike, the kids too... but also YEAH!!! snow again
( you know me I LOVE SNOW !!!!)

Pic was made inside at the physiotherapist.
I went home by foot, with my bike in my hand, while talking outside, I got all white and cold, so fast to home, warm shower, warm clothing, and I surprises the kids to get them from school with the slide.
Can you Imagine that they where thrilled and very happy
The two pic's on the left are from the morning, the playground I walked by, and one of my backyard.

The middle of the kids getting home from school. You can see the snow was already melting ( 2 hour after it started snowing, it was +2 gedrees, to hot for the snow). we got some more snow that day, and rain and sun.
At the end of the day, it looked on the street more like the picture on the right.

The day after I wanted to go skating.
Crazy me, but I thought the roads where clean..
Indeed.. but when I got at the dike the messy snow was frozen to the ground.
I can tell you trying to ice skate with inline skates a BIG NO NO 
So I turned back... but still got 7 km that morning..

 *  *  *

Are you all getting a big warm blanket already??
NO???? start crocheting one then.. you need it.. hihi
I will stop talking about the cold snow, and show you some Valentine crafts I made to decoate my living =)))

I started with my wreath.

I found some great inspiration on Pinterest and some patterns, and this is what I made of it..
Simple but sweet!!

From some older crafts I decorated more
 Cute felted Valentine doll, and stitched pillow

And a Lizzie Kate with Fladder my cute crochet doll from last year!!
See the little snowdrops?
My Orchid had lost all his blooms, and putting it back in my back window I saw this one, getting in bloom..

We will wait and see fot it..
Tommorow I need to really make a picture of a other Orchid in bloom..

Then in my side window I put some old and new craft
Looking beautifull right??
This bench and doll, are older crafts.. I lost the letter L from LOVE.. need to look for it, or make a new one. Made both few years ago.
But the red and white is new
 The candles also from inspiration from Pinterest ( so addictive).
I bought new candles, some yarn around them, and pin a crochet heart on it.

The doll is made without a pattern..
I love crochet dolls.. Pinned many, this is one of my favorite, I started making it looking a lot to the picture..
It's not the same as the picture, but it looks pretty my Valentine doll..!!

Made a little mistake with the eyes.. Eyes on doll's do so much... so for the next time, I put them a bit lower, and more to the middle. For now very happy and proud on it!

* * * 

Then it was time to take out a WIP from my box from last year.
The beautifull piece from Soda Stitch.
I'm working on page 1, left above..
I'm working backworths.. started at page 4 ending at page 1..
( BLONDddddd)

Making the boy and girl, happy the stitching some other colors then all the grey..
The clothing of teh boy and girl where made in a evening.. so maybe soon it's finshed.

 I'm very happy I got it out of the box.. I wanne finish it soon.
To beautifull to put in a box.
I only saw only the some backstitches where made with teh wrong color, so needed to frog it.
Soon another update.

* * * 

This morning we woke up and looked outside..
White again..
Again not much, be enough to feel JOY
So I took the slide, hurry up with the kids, and went to shool on the slide

See the happy faces??
To bad it was not enough snow. So it was very heavy to pull teh slide. It was good that after I brought the kids to school I had a appointement with my physiotherapist. :P

All fingers crossed, tomorrow morning I need to drive north all alone, so let's hope the sky is thinking of me and saving the snow and freezing till tomorrow night, so I can get safely to the north and back to the south again.. hihihi

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

6 opmerkingen:

Preeti zei

Your Valentine decorations are all so cute!! Good progress on your stitching !
It must be lots of fun for your kids while going to school :)

butterfly zei

Lovely post , love the snowman on your header.
The children look so happy playing in the snow.
Love your stitching, and all the beautiful Valintines decorations the little dolls are so sweet love them hugs.

Mii Stitch zei

Sweet Valentine's Doll!! Great Soda Stitch project, it's one of my favourite in their collection :) Looking forward to seeing your progress. xx

Annie zei

Love all of that Valentine's decorating. It's the most fun "holiday" of the year!

The kids look so cute in their snow clothes. I can't believe you went out in skates during that period! Brave girl.

10 def F (-12 C) this morning here. I should be knitting a blanket!

Carol zei

It's so nice to see all of your beautiful Valentine's decorations, Annette... I haven't even gotten mine out yet (was up visiting my mom last week). Need to do that today!! I love the piece you're stitching--so beautiful and all your little dolls are so sweet.

I'll bet Noah and Kira just love being pulled on the sled :) I would enjoy that, too!!

Hope your February is going well :)

♥ Nia zei

Those love letters are sooooo cute! Beautiful with the little birds :) and, of course, the doll, adorable! :))))
I love your bench empty, it's already to cute just like that! But the doll and the love letters are a cuteness overload!! I thought the L was behind the doll, letters look like little pillows for her heheheheheh too sweet!

Lovely valentine decorations! Very sweet :)))