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dinsdag 24 februari 2015

Sunshine the best medicine for us

Hi all,
How are you?

I'm getting better, last weekend I got a bad bad stumach flue. Ow my, what was I sick..
Lost a lot of weight again, slowly getting back on track, and the lovely sunshine is helping a lot.

* * * 

Last week the kids had vacation, we had lovely weather so could do a lot of fun things.
I made a little collage for you 
As you can see all the sunshine we had..
There where also day's with rain, but we found enough activities to do, like painting, crafting, cooking. Not far from here one morning was organished that the kids could play, in a gymschool, what a fun they had.
For the cooking pieces!
 our favorite.... Carrot cake
and look-pie.. but I almost the only one with Kira who likes it.. hihi

* * * 

As it was such great weather, it was really time to clean out the mess in the garden front and back.
And plant some Spring flowers
We also went gardenstore and bought some new plants.. 
See both kiddos lying on the hammock, and what about the big fish??
See the succulent plant in the middle? so funny the colors on it
Kids both wanted to buy something too.
Noah choose a blue Hydrangea, Kira's plant is inside ( on the next collage to see).
I also put Noah greenhouse in his place, he got it for his birthday last year, as you can see we planted some seeds, it what he likes so much.
They are in our back window, already getting out of there seeds.
next time I will take a picture, every day new seeds come out.. so fun to watch.

But also inside we put it all in Spring style
Kira's plant.. a pink one.. lol.. 
she wanted it on her kitchen in the living, so there it is.
2 days later, two of those pic;s looked like this
isn't this giving you a smile??
I need to craft something for on that bench, but it will get there!

* * *

I also still have the pictures off the orchid plant in my living

These are already dead,. I was just in time with my picture.
I'm still so in love with these.. hope next years it will give me more flowers, I will talk to it every day

* * * 

I totally forgot to take a pic of my Soda stitch, that's for the next post.
But I do crochet a big big Lalylala..
And big means BIG
After to finished above piece, I needed to order new yarn, Ordered 5 more yarn.
Still not enough, but it's a doll.
It needs to be a bunny, the free MOD  Rita the Rabbit from the lalylala serie, you can find on her site
In a while when I order yarn, I will order 2 more for this bunny... but first I have so many other projects.. and I like her how she is already.

Talking about my next project.. 

a sneak peak..

Kira is helping me stuffing it, she always helps me with that

I see it's almost midnight.. =)))
Time to go to bed..

Have  a great week.. hope you all will have lovely sun..
Just heard some big big hailstones drop.. ow my what a noise


I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

11 opmerkingen:

Stitching Noni zei

So good to hear that you are feeling better! Sunshine really is the best medicine :o) I recommend a dose everyday!!! Hope the hailstones don't mean that the dark days of winter are returning....
Your photos are so lovely with all those pretty flowers. The kids look like they have been having the best of time :o)
Hugs xx

Nina Hobbysite zei

fijn dat je wat beter voelt. Drukke vakantie hebben jullie gehad. Mooie foto's. Het eten ziet er ook lekker uit. Leuk al die stekjes, echt een beetje lente al. Layla is ook goed gelukt. Ben benieuwd waar je nu mee bezig bent.

Nina Hobbysite zei

fijn dat je wat beter voelt. Drukke vakantie hebben jullie gehad. Mooie foto's. Het eten ziet er ook lekker uit. Leuk al die stekjes, echt een beetje lente al. Layla is ook goed gelukt. Ben benieuwd waar je nu mee bezig bent.

Angel zei

fijn dat jullie een goede vakantie hebben gehad.
Wij deze week (nou ja de kinderen dan haha).Alleen nu nog wat meer zon!
Heerlijk de lente in huis, weg met die winterspulletjes!
Alles ziet er erg lekker uit trouwens!

butterfly zei

What a sunshine post .

Just lovely to see what you and the children have been doing .
Love all your flowers very spring like post

Hope you are feeling better big hugs.

Preeti zei

Good to know that you are feeling better. You were so busy. Nice to see the activities with your kids and your garden is going to be very colorful :) Here summers have started, the plants will slowly burnout by the time temperature goes beyond 40C from March end.
Your crochet rabbit is very cute :)

Annie zei

Stomach flu is no fun at all. I'm glad you are feeling better now.

I really envy all that good weather and pretty flowers. Still cold here and may snow tomorrow. Your photos are giving me hope that spring can really come!

Mii Stitch zei

Oh dear, hope you're feeling better now.
Love your post, you're definitely ready for Spring with all these beautiful flowers & plants :)
Can't wait to see more of your crochet work xx

♥ Nia zei

Ohhh I'm cold just by looking at your blog banner! Lol :p
Funny to see how Noah and Kira look so much alike in that photo :D

How are your feeling today, sweetie?
You've all been quite busy! Kids having fun and mom doing it all :D
All the flowers looks so pretty :)))) it's wonderful to see it blossom! I'm sure your kids loved to see it too :D
We need to take care of our garden too... Where's the time? :p
I don't know your idea for that bench but I love it just like that :) gives a little mystery =) Who would be the couple to see there? Who's that cute bench waiting for? Heheheheh i really like it :)
I miss to read all blogs but especially yours :))) hugs to you my friend!

Carol zei

So sorry to hear you've been ill, Annette! And you've lost a lot of weight??? No--you are already thin enough!! You'll have to make lots of cookies and fatten yourself up again :)

The garden center photos are so nice--looks like the kids had such fun! I love the plantsNoah and Kira chose and I hope they both grow well... Enjoy your warmer weather and sunshine (we are at -7° (-22C) tomorrow and still have a lot of snow :(

Happy end of February--hope March is a good month for you :)

Anne zei

I'm sure you are feeling better by now dear Annette. Stomach flus are the horrible. Love your collages! I wish I could play with you and your kids as you do all the things I like to do! Your garden is beautiful inside and out!! HUGS!