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woensdag 14 januari 2015

Happy New Year!!

I hope verybody, had awesome holiday's. and started a wonderfull 2015!

It has been a bit quiet here.
The short version is   .....   the bucket was full. 
It's a bit of a Dutch saying.
A lot has happend last year, at the end it was to much.
It's going a bit better.
Slowly I;m getting there, it will be a long way, but I;m on the right side of the road.

But this is my happy place, so let only talk happy things..
Most of the crafts I stopped with only crochet not.
It kept me going ,        it's easy.... don't think just do..
Here you can see some pic's of Xmas

Kids decorated the tree..
Also Kira's kitchen is decorated, as Noah has a little xmas tree on his bedroom, Kira also wants something.
Togheter with Noah's girlfriend we made Xmas tree out of felt and beads.. Kira has a pink one hanging in the kitchen, with Frozen Xmas ball from Hama Beads next to it..

And as Kira also wanted as Xmas tree I crochet her one, and decorated it with beads for on her kitchen

In the big picture you can see the crochet Maria already.
Here you can see the others I made
Maria, Jozef, Baby in the crib and a Angel.
This year will work on more, I have other patterns too.
Kira played with it a lot.
And Noah choose this over the train we normally put under the tree.. ♥ ♥

Third Xmas day (27th) we got snow..
It only stayed here for 2,5 days, some places longer other shorter.
But we got some
And made a bic snowmen with it in our front garden ;))))
Kira called it Olaf ( lik ein teh movie Frozen)

Noah also got his next swimming diploma just before the Xmas-vacation
Now he has A and B, and is working on C, that are the normal diploma's we have here..
He also is practicing for the schoolswimcompatitions he signed in for.. 
They are in a few weeks.. he love's swimming..

Dessert on New Years Eve.

Now the busy day's are over so the calm decoration can come out of the boxes again
Still love this little doll Fladder
I have more pic's but for now the post is full.

Next Sunday the 18th, It's Kira's birthday.
4 years already she will be a big girl
I last minute started on some presents for her.
 1 is done, second almost done.. I still have a few day's.

Hope everybody has a great week.

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

10 opmerkingen:

butterfly zei

Happy New Year, Lovely post the children are looking very happy in the snow hugs.

Mylene zei

Great post Annette! Hope that 2015 brings everything you wish for.

Carol zei

I've been worried about you, Annette, and have meant to email you... I hope everything is okay and that things are truly looking up. I love the photos of the kids decorating the tree--and how cute that little Kira's kitchen was all decorated, too :)

How nice that the kids had enough snow for a snowman--we've had very little snow here this winter, too.

Wishing Kira a wonderful 4th birthday--how quickly she's grown...

Sending a hug your way and my hopes that your new year will be a wonderful one, my friend!

Nina Hobbysite zei

Hoop dat je snel opknapt. Hier geen sneeuw gezien. Fijn dat je zoon zijn zwemdiploma heeft gehaald. Je kersstal begint al vorm te krijgen. Elk jaar er 1 bij ;). Trouwens gelukkig nieuwjaar nog.

Mii Stitch zei

Happy New Year sweetie!! I've got to admit, I'm in love with dear Olaf the snowman :D xx

Annie zei

Happy New Year! Life is always full of ups and downs. Glad to see you back and able to show the happy side, including that flaming dessert!

Time really does fly. Bet you are doing something very special for Kira. Can't wait to see it.

Preeti zei

Happy new year to you!! Glad to see you back :) love the pics of your kids and the little cute things you made:)

Ranae zei

Happy New Year!,
Oh my, the kiddies are getting so big, nice holiday photos

Lumiruusu zei

Happy new year 2015!
Thank You Annette for these beautiful photos !

♥ Nia zei

Oh my... Christmas feels so far away already :p I'm really Out of date on my blog reading :( but i wanted to check all the crafts you've made on these last months :))) you always make wonderful things! Love the amigurumi nativity Set :))))