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donderdag 28 augustus 2014

Crochet post! ♥

Ow my, what is time flying by...
It's alreday end of the month.
( way behind on Jingles   .... sssssstttttt)
I have really to little hours in a day, and I;m not crafting much.. hihihi
At the moment DH is at home with severely bruised ribs.. he fell in the shower.
So I have a bit 3 kids at the moment, and school, many ( to many ) appointments..
But it's almost weekend.... and then I have to work.. ;))))))
But thankfully, we have next week. ♥

I promissed you some craft photo's
They are only crochet, as that's the only thing I have time for, and I can put it aside easly.

let's beging with a project I wanted to show the progress many times.
But I think I have never shown a picture here.
Last year at the big craft fair with my MIL, we both bought it to give it a try.
Now it's finally finished ( just in time for the next big craft fair)

Broom stick lace.. is the stitch called.
I really love it.. takes a long time to do ( for me) ;)) but I like it very much.. This fall/winter will try and do it again..
But already so many plans are made in my mind.. I'm taking it slow from now one ( read I will try)

Then I have bought over 5 years ago big black yarn for a poncho to knit.. I hatted the pattern, tryed it over and over and over and over..
didn't work for me
So it's still nothing.. 
2 weeks ago, I was making plans to make a beautifull skirt i saw on Pinterest, but first wanted to try a easy skirt for myself to see how it would do it.
I can tell you I'm happy with it
Would you see it on me???
It's a bit of a sexy picture.. so maybe now close your eyes.. and scroll down.




Closed??? Ready??
Just jocking.. I'm getting tired.... time to sleep
I wanted a short black thick skirt.. and now I have it!!
So when we have snow ( I really hope it this year ) I will wear it!!

I have another finish
Last year bought a lovely yarn, on a web-site it was used for a basket, so wanted to make it too.
One yarn = one basket..
But after reading the pattern a few times, it was a very smal basket.. what to do next then..
Then last week I was looking on my Pinterest and seeing a beautifull rug . I thought that would be nice for on my diner table too.
So I got the yarn from my attic
And got started.

The beginning.. And I saw I don't want a round shape.. I wanne a other one..
But what???
As the yarn was not much.. I could not finish it, when I'm at the big craft fair in a few months I will buy another yarn, but for now..

I have a little tablecloth, in a funny shape
How do you like it????

It's funny right?
And if I get tired of it, I put it next to my bed on the floor as a rug.. hihihihi

So the evening is starting,  I';m going to bed, getting ready for my first night shift of 5.
Hope you all have a great weekend, till next week!!

Not started a new project yet, but who know's i come up with a idea tonight.. =))))

♥ Happy crafting all ♥

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

13 opmerkingen:

angelina zei

Ik vind je sjaal echt nog steeds fantastisch! En het rokje en je kleedje zijn natuurlijk ook super leuk! :-)

Nina Hobbysite zei

Het kleedje is erg grappig bedacht. Sjaal is mooi. En het rokje vind ik wel lef ;) Maar hij is erg leuk geworden!

Pauline zei

Ik vind je rokje echt heel gaaf! en ik wilde dat ik van die mooie benen had....
Je col is ook erg mooi!

Carol zei

You are so funny, Annette :) Your posts always make me smile! Love the pretty scarf and the "sexy" skirt--and I hope you can get more of the yarn to finish off your little table runner.

So sorry to hear about your husband's fall--that sounds very painful! I'm sure Nurse Annette is giving him the best of care :)

Hope the kids have a great year in school...

Blu zei

That scarf looks amazing! The colour variation is so pretty.

Stitching Noni zei

What a crack up post! Love it! Perfect reading on a Friday afternoon :o)
I love your scarf and your "sexy" black skirt - they will look gorgeous together!
Such a cute little doily/tablecloth - can't wait to see it progress :o)
Have a great weekend
Hugs xx

Mii Stitch zei

What a pretty colourful scarf & "sexy" little skirt :) Your table runner looks great too!
Hope your hubby gets well soon xox

Preeti zei

What a lovely scarf!! And the skirt looks great :) I have tried the broomstick lace stitch but never made any project with it. Your table mat looks nice too:)
Hope your hubby feels better soon.

Daniela zei

Hi Annette I'm really sorry about DH, wish he feel better soon! Til then, well i'm sure you'll be a great nurse :)
We always have next week ;)
Great project you have,the scarf, it's really beautiful, I love the colours!
The skirt is perfect and sexy, just wear it :)
Your tablecloth, the one in a funny shape, it's really ok, it's different, what's the point of doing things that are common?? :)
If you get tired of it, in the fair you buy another yarn and change it again!!!
Have a great week!
Hugs **

Annie zei

Poor DH! No fun at all. Hope he's starting to feel better.

Great crochet post. The broomstick lace scarf is gorgeous in those colors. Love the skirt and perfect fit, but your legs are going to freeze in winter! Hope you have some good tights.

Cute doily/mat for the vase too. I like the random way of joining the motifs.

Glad you found some time for crochet. Can be relaxing from your hectic life!

Mylene zei

Busy-bee as always! Love the skirt, it fits you perfectly. Wish i can wear such mini's..
Hope DH's gets better soon.

Marion zei

Jij hebt ook niet stilgezeten Creabea. Je rokje vind ik helemaal toppie. Je kleedje heb ik al genoeg over gezegd en je sjaal is super!!!!!! Fijn weekend.

Anoniem zei

Goed gewerkt! (Psst ik heb weer een blog)