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zondag 8 juni 2014

Have a great Pentecost weekend !!

I'm working many night shifts this week, but still, I'm enjoying the beautifull summer weather with my family.
More off that at the end of the post
Last week, I also did a bit of crafting.
No cross stitching this time, but many crochet

Let's begin with the horse on a stock..
Many are curious how it looks like.
I really think it's awesome!!
I love to stitch another 5 of them, so much I love them.
But it costs many cotton, so lets start with only this one, and look how much kids play with it!
Look at Kira having fun on her new horse!!
The pink halter really looks awesome on it, I add some purple flowers buttons on it too.
It really looks perfet, and add at the side a big wooden butten, with handmade with love on it!

Tomorrow is the birthday of Marion.
I send her a sweet felted Dutch lady
I made one for myself last year, and by seeing it, I thought it would be perfect for her.
She told me she loved it very much!!
Happy to have made and send it too her.
Marion, have a awesome birthday!!!

My strawberry family, is starting to grow.
I didn't do much, but the beginning is there.
The baby is finished
It's  a still green little strawberry, with a wooden head and hands, I normally don't work with that, but it was in the package.
I also gave him a blanket and a pillow.
So he can sleep for a while now.. 
I'm woring on his bed, so soon, he get sleep in privacy.

The last weeks, we have rain and sun take turns.
So my garden is growing so much!
This afternoon, I made some awesome pictures
because I made so many I make a big collage, Hoep you can all see it good.
These are pic's from my front and back garden.
Can you imagine I love sitting in my garden!!

This weekend we are having real summer weather.
Yesterday we went to a little beach, and today we stayed at home, and put on teh water slide in the garden

As you can see on the pic's kids are having a awesome time!!
And tomorrow we are having another free day.. so..... ♥

You see the yelly-fish??
We have seen so much..
Hubby went looking for crab's, Kira and I went looking for shells, and Noah found some boy's to play with.

I have some other crafts to show to, my first RAK arrived in the USA, and making something cute for Noah his schooltrip bag.
More off that in my next post
Enjoy your day's.
I'm off to bed again.. 2 night shifts done, still 6 to go!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

12 opmerkingen:

cucki zei

Aww they so cute..very sweet *.*
I love your dolls so much
Hugs x

Nina Hobbysite zei

Wat een lekker weer. Mooie tuinfoto's. En het paard is super gaaf.

Annie zei

A hobby horse! (That's we we used to call them.. not sure what they would be called now. Love your 'horse on a stick' phrase. I had one as a kid, but not a neat crocheted one like Kira's. What fun.

Love your felting too!

Have a great week and don't work too hard!

Anoniem zei

mooie foto's, je viltpopjes zijn erg mooi

Marion zei

Wat is het stokpaard mooi geworden Annette, dat patroon heb ik ook nog ergens (welk patroon niet). Dat lieve meisje heeft al een mooi plekje gekregen. Leuke foto's van de kinderen. Fijne dag. XXXXXXX Marion

mARICa zei

The horse is awesome!!

And felted dutch lady is beautiful. Where can I find a partoon to make it?

By the way, I follow your blog. My name is Marica. I am Russian girl loving to craft different things. And I live in Amsterdam. So I'd like to be closer to NL bloggers.
Nice to meet you!!!!

Hairy Caveman zei

You have been very busy again! Me and my sister used to have horses like that when we were young but they were just made of wood. Yours are much nicer!
Nice to see you all enjoying the summer!
Kind regards, Brian.

♥ Nia zei

Ok that horse is the coolest thing ever!!!! :D really really cool :D
The dutch lady is adorable :)
Beach! I we had storms for the weekend..i guess it will get better in two days but right now it's rain and wind :(

Valma zei

your garden is very beautiful sweetie ;)
we had such a summer weekend too ! yesterday at the communion we melted !!!
tonight storms are arriving but it's getting fresher and it's good
your craft is absolutely wonderful as always
I so love your horse ! and this little cute Dutch girl, so beautiful
very well done ;)
can't wait to see more of the strawberry family :D
it's awesome
going to bed now...tomorrow I have to wake up early hahaha :D
big big hugs

Carol zei

Oh, that teeny strawberry baby is adorable, Annette--I look forward to seeing the rest of the family :) And Kira's horse looks great--kids always have fun with those hobby horses. I think my boys had them, too...

Your garden looks great--sounds like the perfect combination of sun and rain. Here it is nothing but rain or gray skies this week--very gloomy. But, at least we don't have to water the gardens :)

Hope your night shifts are over soon--you must be just exhausted. I know that must really mess up your sleep patterns...

Hugs to the kids!

Stitching Noni zei

I love the horse! I had one when I was a kid... They are such fun - and this one is even more special because Mum made it :)
You really are so very clever.... Love your baby strawberry and the Dutch lady :)
Loving the gorgeous weather you are having, and the photos of your garden and the beach are so warm and inviting :)
Hugs xx

Angel zei

Het paardje is geweldig geworden!!
Hoop voor je dat het veel gebruikt gaat worden!
Heerlijk weer was het, dit weekend minder maar nog wel lekker!
Veel knutselplezier!