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donderdag 19 juni 2014

Crafting with-out needle and thread

I'm enjoying my free day's off.. how are all your day's??
I emptyed my mailbox, my blogloving, cleaned out the attic, working in the garden, cleaned the house   and moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee..
I did a lot, but not my normal crafting..


I did something else.
I made a wreath out off sea-shells 
But not only me
As always the kids helped me, and had a great time.
The glue is hot, so that part I did, and after many shells kept falling off, I took over, they got tired of it.
But the most important thing, we had fun, and created something beautifull
It's hanging next to my front-door.
Isn't it beautifull??
So proud of my kids.

From the moment Noah and Kira where little, I wanted to make a play kitchen.
I saw the most awesome DIY playkitchens.
Wanted to make one.
But.. didn't find the supplies, 
................... then 2 weeks ago.............. 
a old kitchen on school ( which I liked for weeks ), had a big paper on it, only this week free to take home!!
I went to my neigbor asked her to help me, and it was standing in our halway
A real big one.. but I thought with a little paint it most be more beautifuller.
So I scrub it ,scrape it.
And this was how it looked!!

Then the paint.
I promissed kira, she could help me
So today we started painting!!
she loved it.. but the floor was also interresest to paint. and the the kitchen again.
So can you imagine how the paint looks like???
hihihihi =))))
Next week I will schrub it a little again, and new paint will be on it!!

And this is how it looks at the moment
I think I need to paint it ones or twice..
But that's all for next week.
I;m very happy with this project.
The very, very first time I do something like this.. 
and I love it. ♥

Then tonight I started with needle and thread..
I'm making a party dress for kira..
But I needed to stop, I forgot the buy a zipper :( ;( ;(
Tomorrow night I hope I have one, then I can finish it off.

Next week I will show it..

PS, any football fan's????
We have one!!!
And the Dutch team is doing good, so he is happy!! ;))))

It's almost midnight, I;m off to bed, busy day tomorrow

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

13 opmerkingen:

olifantje68 zei

Zo, zo, je bent wel weer heel druk in je vrije dagen
Maar jullie zijn weer heerlijk bezig en het keukentje word vast super mooi
Fijne dagen en geniet ervan

butterfly zei

What fun you are having this last week , love the shell wreath and the little kitchen , you have many talents sweet friend hugs June.

cucki zei

Wow the little kitchen is so cute..I love it
You having so much fun :)
Pretty fabric for dress.
Big hugs x

Unknown zei

Wat een leuk keukentje! Ben benieuwd naar Kira's jurk... En wat een mooie krans zeg! Je bent weer lekker crea!

Unknown zei

Wat een leuk keukentje! Ben benieuwd naar Kira's jurk... En wat een mooie krans zeg! Je bent weer lekker crea!

Angel zei

Groot gelijk, meenemen die keuken!!
De krans is ook leuk geworden!
Fijn weekend.x

Hairy Caveman zei

You and your kids have made a lovely wreath! Unusual and beautiful. Your kids are going to be so artistic when they grow up!
The kitchen furniture looks so much better in white and will look great when it's finished. I bet you will have a play on it too!
Kind regards, Brian.

Marion zei

Lekker met de kindjes bezig geweest en dat is nou genieten. Er komen weer mooie dingen uit je handen.

Fijne weekend Annette.

Anoniem zei


Just found you!

I love your wreath and so nice that you're kids helped!
The kitchen is great and I love Noah's footie kit (:
Happy weekend.

Mylene zei

You sure busy as the wreath!
Cute Noah posing with his 'oranje tenue'!!
Have fun!!

Carol zei

I always enjoy seeing what you and the kids have created each week, Annette! And what fun you had this week with that pretty shell wreath and your "new" play kitchen. Love how Kira is painting everything she sees--too cute :)

I hope Noah's team wins (if the U.S. can't, that is!!)...

♥ Nia zei

Fantastic work with the kitchen :D yes, for sure, much better in white :D paint it two times again, it will look perfect ;)
Little Kira painted heheheh so sweet :)))
The wreath looks very cool :) can you believe that
I haven't finished my spring wreath yet? Lol the last wreath I made was to welcome my baby boy, remember? :) later I started the spring theme but.. Not finished yet :p lol
Noah looks awesome with your team's colors :D
Good luck for the championship!!!

Rita zei

As i had already told you, love the kitchen!! And i bet Kira loved to help it too!!
Around here Guilherme also wants to help in everything..sometimes its hard:p

And the shelves wreath looked so cool!! Great job kids!;)

How cute that special footbal fan!! Your team did very good!! :))
kisses my dear****