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donderdag 12 juni 2014

A awesome great day!!

Today was a big day for us.. ♥
It was the second time that Noah had a schooltrip today!
He has been jumping up and down for days.
So I thought lates make it more special as Dh found a awesome Starwars bag for him.
A while back I found a cute little Yoda crochet pattern, it would have been perfect for attach on the bag 
Look at my sweetie.
Look at him so proud left above..
What do you think of the cute Yoda??
Awesome right??
With the whole school they went too the Efteling for the 100 year anniversay of the school, and had such a blast.
They always get yellow T-shirts from school, as you can see at the pic below of the collage.
His best friend ( our neighbor girl) was in his group, so he had the best day
Dh went alone as a accompanist.
They had a awesome day, and Noah was so happy with his Yoda ♥ =)))

But as the boy's where gone the whole, what would the girls do???
We didn't stay at home.
We went shopping in the city.
The first time Kira and I did that, and we had a awesome day
Look at this
Look at her?
See the dress.. This morning she was wearing a other dress, but we went to the H&M ( don't now if it's a store every where, I know The firts lady of the USA shopped there before too... hihihi )
I love the store, and now so does Kira..
We went to a fitting room, she put it one and didn't want to put it off again.
So I put her at the counter and told the cashier, she want to buy this dress.
All the woman in the store who heard it needed to laugh..
I gave Kira the money, the cashier cut the card out of the dress, and the rest of the day, so was happy with her Cat-dress
And at the end sleeping, as you see below on teh pic ( she hasn't done that in alsmost 2 years... hihihi )

As I told you a RAK of mine arrived in the USA.
I'm very bad in my replying from comments and mails this week, but I can tell you that the reciever Carol, was VERY happy with my little RAK..
This is what I send her:
She has made a monthly bowl last year, and I thought this would be perfect for in it.
The crochet bunny has cross stithed flowers on it.
Carol loves bunny's and blue.. thought this would be perfect.
And as summer is coming, some crochet sunflowers for her August bowl.
This are all free pattern, can't remember where I found them, but i all pinned them, so you can find them somewhere HERE on my Pinterest board
Have fun with it Carol, happy to gave you a big smile =))))
2 more RAK's almost are ready for the mail, and a few more will follow.. I love this!!!!

As most of this post is crochet, lets add another one.
I'm working on my last order, its one that belongs to the Minion hat i made..
But now a Minion doll.
Can you guess what kind off??
( Hint it's a girl)
More for this later..

Now off to bed..
Done with the 5 night shift, tomorrow the last 3 then I have worked 72 hours, this 1,5 week, so that's enough for a while..

I bought the supplies for my next BIG project today, that I will start on Monday or Tuesday.. 
It's  requires painting.. big and lot's of paint.. the kids will help me..
curious already?????

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

8 opmerkingen:

Nina Hobbysite zei

Mooie foto's. Het wordt al een echte dame. Mijn man zit ook in de nachtdienst. Maar hij draait er 7. Na aantal avonden gewerkt te hebben. Hij moet er nu ook nog drie.

butterfly zei

Lovely post , your little boy looks so smart , and your little girl so sweet.
Carol will love the Rak you sent her so sweet , hugs.

cucki zei

aww such a awesome great with so much fun :)
your daughter is so sweet..
pretty rak
hugs x

Hairy Caveman zei

I'm glad everybody had a great time, they are memories you will keep forever! I love your little Yoda, much cuter than in the movies!! Cute RAK too, I'm sure Carol loves it!
Kind regards, Brian.

Annie zei

Yoda is adorable! And Kira has now become an expert shopper. It's always so much fun when you are around!

I'm sure Carol loves that bunny!

Carol zei

Yes, I do love your little bunny and sunflowers so much, Annette--I really look forward to adding them to my monthly bowls. August and the sunflower display will be coming up soon! Thank you again, my sweet friend.

So glad both Noah and Kira has such special days. I love that little Yoda--too cute! I'm sure all of Noah's friends want you to make one for them, too, don't they? And Kira's kitty dress is adorable--I can see why she wanted to wear it right away :)

Hope you have more awesome days this week!!

Angel zei

Het konijn en de zonnebloemen zijn leuk! Ze is er vast erg blij mee.
Dagje shoppen met je meisje...ja dat kunnen meisjes wel;-) Kan je niet vroeg genoeg mee beginnen.Ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe project, veel plezier!

Mylene zei

Great post Annette! Cute pictures of Noah en Kira.
As always you are the busy-bee. Lovelies!!