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woensdag 16 april 2014

♥ Easter decoration, and my April Fool joke ♥

Thank you all so much for your lovely words about my gifts for Little Lourenco ♥ ♥ ♥
I know Nia is over the moon so much she loves it, I'm happy to have brought her a smile 

♥ ♥ ♥

Every one ready for Easter???

I'm not.. lol!!
I had a lot of of Easter craft idea's, but as I lost my mojo, I emptyed my mind and after seeing the most adorable pakages in my mailsbox to make I got started with new Idea's.

( the old are for next year)

I also decorated my house in Easter style!!

Here some pic's:

This where the packages that where in my mailbox
The snowdrops and the blue grape ( no idea how it's called in English)
There are from my favorite designer from HuisVolKleur. :))
Look at that cute ladybug!! ♥
You also can see a bit for a Easter branch wreath I made a while back, and crochet a great pattern of a Easter bunny for in it!!
 Isn't he cute?? =))
Only Noah didn't like the egg :((
So changed the color

And below the end result!!
♥ ♥ ♥

 My side window, I put some bunny's and sheeps in there.
The Bunny on the left is the one I made myself! ♥
 The crochet chicken I made 2 years ago

And the cute little bunny, chick, eggs in a basket with the sheeps and my AWESOME Orchid, who is getting so beautifull in bloom ♥

 My heart shelf, all in Easter mood!!

 With kids I made a start to decorate the Easter tree, but this is still all it is... hope we will make more..
The 3 on the left all made by Noah, Kira and I made the one on the right

♥ ♥ ♥

Then at April Fool I did a funny joke on Facebook.
At the photo shoot a few months back, they ask to made pic's with me holding a card..
I fell in love and know I needed to use it for April 1th.. and I did.
This is the pic

We got so many awesome sweet comments, 
Congratz, finally, is it a joke?? 
On school, teachers really thought it was real, people in town came to me to congratz me, many where talking about it, that finally we where getting maried..

Around diner time, I commented that it was a April fools joke.. I loved it!
So fun, I even got some flowers for fun, teh pink ons in the above pic's

It was so much fun!!!

Have a great week all, and enjoy the sun, I going to finish of some last Easter carfts..

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

14 opmerkingen:

huisvolkleur zei

Wat geweldig sfeervol is het toch in je huisje! En dat houten hart met al die leuke spulletjes erin vind ik ontzettend leuk. Je bent helemaal klaar voor Pasen!

cucki zei

Aww sweet decorations..I love them al..

Hmmm I was thinking about that too :) was fun.
Big hugs x

Annie zei

Wonderful decorations. You have so so made so many pretty things to use.

Your April Fool's joke is cute and funny. That's a great photo to have.

ricketyjo zei

Gorgeous decorations, they are so cute and light and full of spring!

Anne zei

Oh Annette, you naughty girl!! I thought that was real. It's such a GREAT photo!! So sweet!! I can feel the love from you two. Those little snowdrops and grape hyacinths are darling and so cute for spring! I love the little crocheted bunny and your display!! Hugs sweetie!

Unknown zei

Ziet er gezellig uit joh!
Vind die kip met eitjes echt zoooo geinig :-)

Angel zei

Ziet er gezellig uit!
Noah had gelijk, zo is het ei mooier;-)
Vind de kip ook superleuk die je vorig jaar hebt gemaakt!
Fijne pasen!

Carol zei

Ha Ha!! I love that April Fool's joke you played--so funny :) That is a darling photo!

Your Spring heart shelf is so pretty--that must be such fun to decorate it for every season with your stitching and crocheting and felted projects... And the new brown bunny sitting on the egg-shaped wreath is adorable :)

Love the photos of the kids playing outside in your header--they sure are getting tall! Glad you're having such pretty spring weather over there. It is sunny here, but cool--at least the flowers are slowly beginning to bloom :)

Happy Easter, Annette!!

Valma zei

I'm so sad ! I was already so happy !! yes...a big party in the NL, a wonderful white dress...and finally nothing !
naughty you :D
You know it, I love all the pieces you made
this bunny is so beautiful !! finally it seems Noah was right, I also prefer this new egg you've done for the bunny ;)
and your felted flower !!! so beautiful , they so look like real one
very well done !
your heart shelf, your window everything is so sweet, I'm really in love with your Easter decorations :D
Have a wonderful Easter weekend, I hope you won't work and would enjoy
big big hugs my sweet Petite Anne

Nima zei

cute decorations for Easter..

Stitching Noni zei

Your April Fool's joke was very clever... and very tricky!!! I believed it too.... but I guess we will have to wait for the real thing now!!! :o)
Love your Easter decorations! They all look fantastic! Great way to celebrate Easter and Spring!
Hope you all had a lovely Easter
Big hugs xx

Preeti zei

Your Easter decorations are lovely !! Everything you made looks very beautiful!!:) I like your heart shelf and the way you keep changing every special days.
I loved the eggs made by kids more than the one you made on right side :)

Rita zei

ahaha I thought you were already married, that's why i didn't said anything ahaha Really cool!! lolll
I bet you had lots of fun reading what people said loll

Love all your easter decorations!! All soooo cute!! You were really on easter mood ehehe

I just love your heart shelf!! So cute!! never saw one of those!! eheh

kisses my good friend;))

♥ Nia zei

Hahahaha goog one for april's fools ;) LOL
Looooove your bunny :D adorable! I saw it on another post but I'm not following order so I didn't know it was handmade by you! It's big!! :D and now looks amazing on your wooden egg :) well done, great work!
Your felt flowers look lovely! I specially like the snowdrops, very delicate and pretty as the real flowers :) your home decor looks fabulous! :D all so pretty and matching up :) loooooove :) this year I didn't work on my home decor for this season, was too busy cuddling my baby and taking photos all the time ;) heheheh
I remember well when you stitched that big chicken :D it looks great as a center piece :D
All looking fantastic sweetie! :D