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donderdag 24 april 2014

Belated Happy Easter :(

Hi all,

I hope you all had a wonderfull Easter??
We did, only my Laptop broke down, so I was LONG without laptop, and couldn't post sooner =(((

We had a busy but fun Easter weekend, BIL came for the weekend, And MIL & FIL came on First Easter day, and I worked 2 night shifts
Kids where having a blast.

When I woke up, to go to work my sweet BIL brought a gift for me
They are so hot these wooden egg in the Netherlands, he was so sweet to ask a friend to make one for me.
Doens't it look pretty?? =))
♥ Such a wonderfull gift ♥

I was talking last I wanted to make some Easter craft for the kids, 1 is finished, the other I save for next year, too little minutes in a day
But these Easter hunt baskets got finished on time

The kids loved them and used them of them for the egg hunt
I made a little collage from our Easter weekend:

Aren't the kids pretty??
On the left above pic, you can see Noah was wearing a tie ♥ ♥

He looked so cute in it!!
And Kira in her new dress
Kira loves her bike riding and got a helmet

Beautifull eggs where painted, BIL loves coloring, and painted a sunshine on it, kids loved that we painted all 5 the eggs.
The next day the Easter bunny hide them ( Noah really believes it ♥)
And Noah had also the birthday party of his girlfriend

♥ * ♥

And as always I cooked.
For the brunch I made stuffed eggs
And for diner::
* Salmon Tartar 
* Beans in bacon, Fennel gratin, Potato croquettes and Chicken ham stuffed with goat cheese 
* Homemade cream slice with chocolate eggs

We all loved it!!
and I liked making it!!

°•♥ * ♥•°

Yesterday we have such a awesome beautifull weather.
I thought to do a picknick as lunch in the garden, it's what the kids really love to do
They had a blast!!

Saterday it's Kingsday
So I'm going to finally finish all the colors of crochet bracelets I started last year!
And Kira lost 2, so need to make them again..
Almost finished

I put the finished picture on Facebook, got such great comments and the question how to make them, I think this evening some will sit down with  there crochet needles and threads and start crocheting these bracelets :))))
I need to finish one more for Kira, and then put them togehter, and Miss Kira asked for a pink one too.
So you can understand what I will be doing tonight ♥

Have a great weekend all, and for the Dutch people:
 Have a great Kingsday!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

11 opmerkingen:

olifantje68 zei

Prachtig allemaal weer
Wat geniet ik toch van jou verhalen
Een heel fijn weekend alvast
groetjes Annie

Mylene zei

WOW! I love the egg wooden shape you've got from BIL, lucky you.
Yummy foods all round!!! Why don't we leave next door to each other we can have alternate dinner or something..hi hi hi
Great pics of your cuties!!
Geniet ervan...
mine are 18 and 14 and ohhh how i miss when they were still young. Though i am proud of our eldest as she passes her driving lesson today but got home from work and had a fight with the youngest...

Mylene zei

Wish you all a Happy kings day!!

cucki zei

Aww wish you all a happy Easter Day.
So much fun :)
I love the bangles so much
Hugs x

Valma zei

fantastic pictures of what have been a great Easter :)
such sweet pictures of the kids
Kira on the barrier frightened me a bit ;)
your wooden egg is superb !!!!
all your craft is
I hope you won't work this weekend and enjoy a good family time for this special day in your country
big big hugs

Annie zei

The Easter bunny did good! You guys had too much fun I think. Makes us all jealous! ;-)

Love your new wooden egg. Very unusual. And those kids are really growing up fast!

Preeti zei

So nice to see you all having Easter celebrations. I loved those crochet baskets ...they look very cute!!
I liked the pics of your kids in the much fun and activity !!:)

Carol zei

I always love seeing your collages of the kids and their activities, Annette! They look so happy and I'm always amazed at how fast they're growing up. Kira's hair is so, so pretty--getting so long and beautiful :)

How nice of your BIL to bring you the wooden egg--you'll have fun decorating it each year. And your Easter baskets and crocheted bracelets look great along with those beautiful Easter eggs :)

Glad your Easter was a special day!

Rita zei

This is such a beautiful and lovely post! Yo do so much great things with kids..i wish i had the time or ideas! Loved that you all painted the eggs and then you hide them! I thought of made that for Guilherme too, but ended up not doing:( I promise (to myself ehehe)i will made next year!! I do! :P I think its a great idea!!

Can you believe that only this weekend i finnally discovered what is that little things that Kira and Noah do with little pieces? I found them on ikea!! And finnally understood lol I have to buy it to Guilherme! ehehhe Its great!;) I just have a little scare that he may swallow some pieces, but he already passed that phase of putting things on his mouth.

Love the picknick you did! Another great ideia! And i love picknicks! ehehe

They look soooo beautiful on the photo...just perfect! Loved the photo collage :))

And also perfect little crochet easter baskets!! You are really awesome and a super mum!! :))

many kisses dear!****

♥ Nia zei

My laptop was broken just before Easter too :( i have an iPad but it's not the same thing to upload photos from my camera and post on the blog...
Ohhhh i love the wooden egg! How cool :D
And your painted eggs! All look so pretty :))) your kids are always having fun, it's always party time :D hehehhe

Stitching Noni zei

Oh, What a lovely post :)
Looks like you had a gorgeous Easter....
Yes - as you can see I am way behind on my post to go and see what else you have been up to!!!
Hugs xx