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zondag 8 december 2013

We begin with the Christmas tree

Al the colors of Sinterklaas, made me crazy.. 
So put it al away, 2 days of no decoraton..
And then time for the christmas tree

First put him in the living yesterday
Today we decorated it

And this is how it looks like
Noah does not like it.
There is no color in the tree.
No real balls
No star in the top, only a Angel
And only crafted things..
That's no Xmas tree..
We went to friends this afternoon, the first thing he said was ::::
Thank you my sweet son........ ♥

Kira also helped decoration the tree at school

At this moment I"m very busy crocheting on the free time I have
3 awesome project
2 of them later

The white project is a Xmas tree

I have something in my mind whit it.
Hopefully it will work out as I planned

Tomorrow I have some Exams from my work.
I hope I will pas..
Fingers crossed for me please

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

10 opmerkingen:

olifantje68 zei

Hahahah, kinderen zijn eerlijk, die zeggen gewoon waar het op staat
Dus geen mooie boom, hihihi
Ik vind hem wel leuk , gezellig hoor
en een leuk haakwerkej ook
Succes met je examens, hoop dat je het haalt
groetjes Annie

Nima zei

wow...gorgeous christmas tree.. Annette..I know how much kids love coloured baubbles on tree...but we love it this way..

I think you can give him a small tree and tell him to decorate it in his style...Noah is soo cute...Kira looks very serious and attentive while she decorate the tree in her school...

Marie-Jeanne zei

Hoi, ik vind je boom mooi hoor
Gr, M-J.

Jane zei

I love your tree! White decorations always show up so well and look very pretty, maybe Noah could make a few little coloured ones of his own and add them to it?
Fingers crossed for your exam results, I'm sure you will pass, if it was anything to do with your crafting skills you'd get the very top marks every time.
Look forward to seeing what you do with your white crocheted tree?
Enjoy your week xxx

Nina Hobbysite zei

Je boom is mooi. Volgend jaar als ik wat meer tijd heb, hoop ik ook zelf dingen te maken voor de kerstboom.

Carol zei

Your white tree is very pretty, Annette... When my boys were little I bought them each an inexpensive artificial tree and let them keep them in their rooms and decorate them however they wanted. The trees were tiny--only about two feet high--but the boys loved "their" trees so much!!

Good luck with your exams--I'm sure you'll do well :)

♥ Nia zei

Hahahaha little Noah =) kids! They want color and a mess all over the place :p your tree looks lovely! All white and tiny lights! Love it :D
I have a regular tree but i still hope to make another one with only handmades! Not happening this year but i hope to make it soon!
Enjoy your crocheting :D
And i already know you passed your exam :D congrats sweetie!!!! :D

Angel zei

Ah, ik vind je boom wel mooi hoor!
Inderdaad misschien een idee een klein boompje op zijn eigen kamer om zelf te versieren met knalkleuren.
Lees dat je je examen hebt gehaald, gefeliciteerd!

Valma zei

ho kids ! :)
everything is always more beautiful in the neighbour house =)
don't be sad, you tree is beautiful, I love the train at its feet =)
he surely wouldn't love my tree either ! not very much decorations in it....
those trees you made seems lovely
I really wonder what you planned !! =)
can't wait
(Ramon...fill in the batteries !!!)
big hugs sweetie

Rita zei

ahaha kids are just awesome!! they tell everything loll I laugh a lot loll

The tree was so beautiful..simple and very pretty. But kids like a lot of colour and mess ahaha it's normal:p

This was the first year i decorated christmas tree with Guilherme and he just loved it!! Even these days, when he remembers, he says that christmas tree is not there anymore loll Poor kid :P
They have a blast in that season!:)