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zaterdag 16 november 2013

Sinterklaas has arrived ♥

( Beware long post with many many pictures)

Today is the day that Sinterklaas arrived in the Netherlands!!
All the kids are happy.. and me too!!
I love Sinterklaas

But first I think some of you are wondering how my house is looking like..
I can tell you it's looks AWESOME =)))

DH was a bit afraid that it would be too much, but he love's it too.. ( me is more happy now)

So let's start, with showing you all:
 The day and night pic of my Cuddle Pete's

 And another day and night pic, this time my awesome boat ;))

 The beautifull wreath
 My season heart shelf totally in Sinterklaas style

 This is my last Sinterklaas craft from HuisVolKleur, she made it for decorating on a gift, I made it like this

 This is what I did with the AWESOME HVK Black Pete
 Above is a bad pic so below here is what is hanging in my front window

 My window from the outside

And my dinning table..
I put a roll of Sinterklaas wrapping paper on it.. 

Really ♥ Loved ♥ the crochet Sinterklaas figures on it, with my Pepernoten wreath
(That I made 3 years ago) 

I made a close-up from all the Black Pete's together

This is my decoration in my house =))
What do you think?

* ♥ *

This afternoon it was lunch at the TV..
Kids love that we do that every year.

I decorated the little table in Sinterklaas Style..

 We bakes a lot of Pepernoten and 24 carrot cupcakes yesterday
 look at them enjoying and eating..
 The songs they song, where subtitled on the tv
 Look..  Look.. Sinterklaas is on TV !!! ♥

Watching from the couch..
(Really Bad pic of me)

♥ ♥
The boat is favorite to play with!
♥ ♥

So now he is in the country, and the Black pete's will watch us if we are sweet..

In the afternoon Noah asked if he could wear is black pete clothing and if I would paint his face..
Yes.. go..
My sweet boy

 With Kira I was making a black pete with HAMA beads
 Look at him.. putting his hat better on.. lol.. ♥
My little Black pete ♥

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

17 opmerkingen:

huisvolkleur zei

Wat een gezellig 'Sinterklaashuisje' heb je gecreëerd, geweldig!

Geniet van deze fijne en gezellige dagen ;-)

Petra zei

Het ziet er echt Sinterklaasgezellig uit, als Sint jullie huis nu nog voorbij loopt...

Kira is goed bezig met de strijkkraaltjes!
En Noah kijkt zo lief en stoer als hulppiet!!

olifantje68 zei

Wat een reuze gezellige boel bij jullie met dit sinterklaas sfeertje
Geniet van deze tijd met de kinderen
Fijne zondag, groetjes Annie

Preeti zei

Wow !! Your home looks vey pretty with all the decorations :) glad to know that you had a great family time celebrating it :)

cucki zei

Wow your home is looking so lovely...I love all the sweet decorations o much...
Big hugs x

Tania zei

Wow, je hebt een echt Sint-huis. Geniet ervan, mijn jongens zijn er jammer genoeg uit gegroeid.
Hier is het wachten op kerst.

Annie zei

What fun! All your pretty decorations and having so much fun with the kids. You did a wonderful job on everything!

Katie zei

Oh that is so neat! Love your decorations, the house looks beautiful!

Stitching Noni zei

Oh wow! Your decorations are amazing! You have been so busy... the kids look very happy with Black Pete! Love it! :o)
Hugs x

Gera zei

Hoi Annette,

Wauw wat een super Sinterklaashuis!!
Leuk om zo mee te genieten!

Groetjes, Gera

Valma zei

wonderful post :)
never too much hand made decorations in our homes =D
You made such wonderful things !
I'm always amazed by the tiny details on the tiny pieces =)
very well done
as usual your kids are so cute (BTW hubby asked if you want him to try & retreat Kira's school remove her hurting lip...)
enjoy this period
big hugs

Carol zei

Oh, I'll bet the kids are being extra sweet these days, Annette! You are such a great mom to make all of these beautiful holiday decorations and yummy foods--Noah and Kira will always remember these special days :)

ricketyjo zei

Everything looks so wonderful! I really love your little boat and your heart shelf. Hope the kids had a lot of fun, it looks like they did!

Mylene zei

WOW! You sure been busy, Annette. Your house looks beautiful decorated for Sinterklaas.

♥ Nia zei

So many pictures! What a wonderful post :D
I had no doubt your house would look fantastic for the season :D you made so many crafts and each one even prettier than the other before :) that boat is just amazing :D all decoration is beautiful!
Love the detail of the fireplace with the little shoes heheheh on the heart shelf ;)
Congrats sweetie, you did a great job with everything :D 5 stars :))))))

Nima zei

black pete looks too cute Annette...i didn't really recognise it when you posted on FB

Rita zei

What an amazing post! With such beautiful pictures!!
They look so happy....that's so great!
You are the best mamma :))
Love the picture of you 3 on the cute!!
I also love to sit with my son on coach all wrapped on him ehehe
Great work!;)