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maandag 4 november 2013

HVK heart, Pepernoten and a little crochet blanket

Hi there..
We are still working on Sinterklaas.
Aren't you tired yet of my felt craft??
My stitching mojo is a bit gone.. but It will get backs soon..
I have a few wonderfull pieces waiting for me!!

♥ ♥ ♥

As you all now I;m a BIG HuisVolKleur fan.
And her Sinterklaas heart, stole my heart ;))

Really needed to make that =)
Look at this lovely cutie

Bad light here, but I;m planning something with this, when it's done I will make more pic's!!
HuisVolKleur, just designed a awesome black pete doll.

It released on Saterday, I ordered it.. with a bit of luck, and love with the mailwomen, 

I will get it on Thursday
I can't wait too start

 * * * 

Every holiday has his own candy.. so also with Sinterklaas..
When the Black pete's come they had a bag with gifts but also with candy.

And the most what's in there are Pepernoten.

I love baking them with the kids..
( we are early...)

But last Saterday we started baking them:
 Sweet Kira baking ♥
 Cool Noah baking ♥

 Left where from Noah, middle mine, Right Kira

Then put them in my candy/cookie yar

 To boring so did this

 Still a bit boring..
But Now it's a real Sinterklaas jar.

I baked them without sugar, so kids can eat them every day...
And they like them very much.

That afternoon also baked banana bread, but forgot to take a pic.

♥ ♥ ♥

You all now that I;m working on a blanket for Kira her bed..
But her little doll, is getting a bit cold with this Fall weather.
She already has the same dress as Kira, why not the same blanket.

♥ ......TADA...... ♥
Kira is happy again... now I can get futher on her blanket.. need to make many squares till that one is finished!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

14 opmerkingen:

Tania zei

Veel succes met je sinterklaas-hart! Popje is helemaal gelukkig met haar dekentje.

olifantje68 zei

Zo zeg, wat zijn jullie weer heerlijk bezig geweest
Lekker he ,zelf pepernoten bakken
Leuk dekentje heb je gemaakt,mooie zoete kleurtjes
Fijne week
groetjes ANnie

Petra zei

Hij is echt mooi geworden, dat Sinterklaashart!!! Ben benieuwd naar t Pietje :-)
Hihihi, kleine Kira en Kira blij met het dekentje. Staat leuk. Nu de grote nog, maar dat gaat vast goedkomen... Zeker nu je meer moet afwisselen.

Petra zei

Hij is echt mooi geworden, dat Sinterklaashart!!! Ben benieuwd naar t Pietje :-)
Hihihi, kleine Kira en Kira blij met het dekentje. Staat leuk. Nu de grote nog, maar dat gaat vast goedkomen... Zeker nu je meer moet afwisselen.

cucki zei

Aww sweet heart and very cute blanket..
Yummy baking time :)
Hugs x

Marion zei

Crea Bea wat ziet het Sinttafreeltje er schattig uit.
Het dekentje voor Kira haar pop is heel mooi geworden.

Op naar het volgende project.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

♥ Nia zei

ohhh sweet blanket for Kira's baby dool =)
Never tired of seeing your Sinterklaas crafts! It's a delight to my eyes :D
That heart is lovely =) very pretty the motif of Sinterklaas on in!
hahahah Kira is the best cooker over there! LOL She can make her cookies, who says they have to be round? ;) LOL!!!!
Go find your craft mojo!! Go and come back fast!! hehehe :D

Bernadett zei

Oh my...Lovely projects.:) I can see you are busy.:)))


Annie zei

That felt heart is so cool! I'm getting more and more enchanted by these felt projects of yours.

Love all the fun goings on at your house. That blanket for Kira's doll is just the cutest. What a nice Mommy you are!

Preeti zei

Cute baby blanket!! :) there are so many such girlie things a mom can enjoy with daughters, isn't it ?
Happy to see your kids enjoying baking time :)

Jane zei

Lovely post Annette and you've put me in a lovely Christmassy mood!
I love to hear about the festive traditions out in The Netherlands and all about Sinterclaas.
Beautiful stitched heart and wonderful cooking with the children, so sweet.
I wish my DD was a little girl again and I could make blankets for her favourite dolls ~ make up and designer clothes are not quite the same!!!
Have a good week xxx

Valma zei

pepernoten word makes a lovely sound to my hears =D
Seems yummy
Nobody can be fed up with your felt stories, even if it's only Sinteklaas
I always speak of mice =D
You make such wonderful pieces !!
wonderful heart !!!
Thursday is'll receive your order =)
I can't wait !!!
(I lost my mojo too :-/ but not for stitching only !)
enjoy sweetie
big big hugs

Mylene zei

What a creativity at your place, Annette!
Kids so seriously making balls/pepernoten and sounds delicious without the sugar.

Great idea with the jar too!
and a lovely blanket made for the are on a roll!!

Carol zei

Such a sweet mom to make Kira's doll her own little blanket :) And I love the photos of the kids making cookies--brings back wonderful memories of when I used to bake with my sons.

What a stunning heart, Annette--your felt creations are amazing!