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donderdag 5 september 2013

Finished Noah's Room project 3 and 4 !!!! =))

Thank you all for the sweetest comments!!


Then project number 3:

Remember that I started a Super Mario stitching piece???
It's finished!!!
I love it, Noah loves it, and even Kira loves it.. my princes she is saying!!
Then make it in to a pillow
I bought that little green cutting blade..
TERRIBLE to work with..
Nothing was straight..
But I still finished it in a cute bed pillow
It's 50 x 25 cm

And look how wonderfull it looks on his bed
Would Noah love it??


I made this pillow 2 evenings ago..
Then last night i was sorting out some fabric, and I found THE perfect fabrics for Noah..
Another pillow was getting in my mind..


Project number 4 is that pillow
Look at these wonderfull fabbies
See the Dolphin and Sharks???
and the waves??
...How cool is that...

I got the idea to make my very first patchwork pillow...
Would it work?

Made a pattern and I nailed it!
I finished another pillow
I'm in love!!
For the backing I thought this fabric would be cool..
All fabrics with blue and ocean in one pillow.

Look at this how cool they are for on his bed
♥isn't it a real boys' bed??♥

I put the pillows away Noah will get them in 11 days.
HELLUP... in 11 days' my little boy will be turning 5 years..
Where was the time that he was a little baby in my arms..=))) ♥ 

( for this part of his room.. I still need to finish the crochet blanket, it's only this part, and wanne make a 3th pillow, but I'm thinking of what.. I think a crochet one.. but not decided yet.
Project for after his birthday)

Then the other corner of his room
The two planes!!!
Isn't that looking so Cool Boys' like??

For those of you that don't know what Noah's favorite color is..
It's Dark blue ... hihihihihi LMEO =)))


For next week I have one project in my mind.. project 5 for a boy who turns 5.
Need to see then if I have enough fabric.


The reason I said next week, is that I''m going on a little vacation with Kira this afternoon.
With the two of us we are going totally up north of the Netherlands ( I live down south).
What we al going to do you will find out next week.
We will be back by Sunday.
Kira is ready!!


Here we are having Tropical weather this weekend..
late September summer..
And I;m a week off.. How cool is that
I'm wishing you all a wonderfull weekend.

I'm going to pack..

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

14 opmerkingen:

Petra zei

Look lovely and really boyish!
Have a great girls-weekend!!

Lots of love, peetje

Petra zei

Look lovely and really boyish!
Have a great girls-weekend!!

Lots of love, peetje

Nina Hobbysite zei

Wat zie ik op de foto's een heleboel mooie zelfgemaakte dingen! vliegtuigjes, sprei, kussens allemaal passend. Erg leuk!

♥ Nia zei

heheh cute nails little Kira =)
Great work with your patch :D Well done!!! And Super Mario pillow looks adorable, I loved the little princess on the left :) I can imagine that was the first thing Kira noticed too :D hahahahah Well done sweetie!
You need a ruller, do you have the green mat and ruller to use with that cuter? Other way, you won't be able to get anything straigh. with those 2 other 'friends' it's great, awesome tools to work and the cutter is fantastic. so much better that a scissor on fabric :p

Daffycat zei

Darling projects! Well done!

Do you have a straight-edge ruler for your blade? It should be clear so you can see through it and you sandwich your fabric between the cutting mat and the clear ruler and use it to guide the blade. Be very careful! It's SO easy to cut yourself!

Carol zei

Oh, how sweet is that Super Mario pillow--my sons would have LOVED that when they were young. You did a fabulous job on it, Annette, and your first patchwork pillow is wonderful. Noah will be so happy with his gifts...still can't believe he is almost five!

I hope you and Kira have a great girls' weekend together--sounds like fun :)

Valma zei

woooooooowoooooooo =D
2 great and truly beautiful pillows !
very well done sweetie !!
they are really beautiful and you did a great job on them
are you pillows addict now ? =D
He has a beautiful bedroom
I hope you're enjoying your travel in the north
yesterday we had a rainy day but we are now having sun again. on Thursday it was 34° here !!!!!!
we had a very good summer !
big hugs

Dani - tkdchick zei

Well done on your stitching and finishing.

Marie-Jeanne zei

Oh, wat mooi allemaal, tof hoor.
Gr, M-J.

TIO zei

Heel erg mooi allemaal!

cucki zei

wowwwwwwww so pretty and truly a beautiful finish..
hugs x

Stitching Noni zei

Oh wow! Noah is going to be over the moon with all the gorgeous things that you have made for his room :o)

Daniela zei

Even I love Super Mario, reminds me of my childhood!!! Noah is gonna love it!!!
His room is amazing!!! Really blue :)
Hugs ***

Mylene zei

Hi Annette, so sorry it's just now that i came to visit properly...thank you once again for the lovely goodies. I do love them all.
What a lovely blue collections you've made for Noah!