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dinsdag 17 september 2013

Belated happy birthday to my dear son !!

Yesterday, my sweet big boy turned 5... yes you read it good, he turned 5.

Last night I was feeling so sick, after a busy day, so I went to bed very early and didn't had time to post..
But better late then never..

In the morning Noah came to us, asking of it really was his birthday, he was so HAPPY =)))
All know Tigger from Winnie the Pooh??? that was noah that morning ...hahahaha
We went downstairs to look at his gifts..

I have never seen a little boy so happy..
He really loves his pillows.

Many parents come to me and ask if he got a dolphin pillow because he love to tell about it

Then on school we had to treat, so I bake, carrot-banana-raisin-pie
At school, they made a whole party of it that Noah had his birthday, it was so fun to watch
 His teaher made him a crown, he asked for dark blue with yellow
 They sing so many songs.. it was great!!
And then giving the kids his treat.
Look at Kira at the back.. ♥

At this school we lunch at home, while bicycling home, he asked his girl friend if she would love to stay for lunch, and that was oke with her mother
They are so sweet together.
(They told each-other, they wanne make babies together when they grow up, so i have to keep a eye on them when to play upstair) =))

After school on Monday, Noah always has gymnastics, and we treat there also

To bad this will stop at the and of the year.

At diner-time we eat Noah's favorite
Pancakes          (Sorry ValĂ©rie, forgot to invite you)
His day was totally perfect
(ps Nia, you see snowdrop???)

My sweet boy, hope you had a wonderfull day
 ♥ ♥ Mommy loves you ♥ ♥

We ( Noah and me) finished the last project for his room, but more of that in a next post..
I have so much more to show you still.

Now going to put some treat in my fall felt work

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

11 opmerkingen:

olifantje68 zei

Gefeliciteerd met Noah
Zo te zien heeft hij een geweldige dag gehad
groetjes Annie

schloung zei

Happy Birthday Noah ! :-) it seems that it was a beautiful day!
...I still noticed that the cake was not blue!! a forgetting perhaps? ! ;-)

Stitching Noni zei

Oh how adorable! Happy birthday Noah ;0) You look like you had a wonderful day on your birthday. Lovely presents!
Hugs xx

Valma zei

whaaaaaat ???!!!!!!
you did pancakes and didn't invite me ??? =D
your big boy is so lovely
great gifts he had and a wonderful day also
that's so super
yummy cakes, but write somewhere that I'm allergic to bananas hahaha =D
Big hugs sweetie

♥ Nia zei

What a wonderful day!! All day party for little Noah :D
Well.. not that little!! Already 5??? Time flies!
hahahhaha pay attention to those kids, it's too soon to make babies!! :p LMEO!!!!!!
It's wonderful that he can have so much fun with his friends at school, great for kids that teachers make a special day on birthdays :D Fun fun fun!
hahahahah Good thing that you told me about Snowdrop, I was only looking to Noah's plate and the glow on his eyes! hahahaha :D
Snowdrop looks very well with your decoration =) I think she fits your home hehehe
Hope you're feeling better sweetie!!!
hugs&smiles!! huge huge hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hug to big boy Noah :D

cucki zei

Happy birthday noah ..
Such a fun day
Hugs x

Annie zei

A little late, but give Noah a big birthday hug and kiss from me!

So nice to see how he loves your beautiful handmade gifts.

Bernadett zei

Happy birthday to Noah!:)


Mylene zei

Such a great fun day for your little boy.

Carol zei

What a wonderful day Noah had!! He is looking so very grown up, too :) I can tell how proud he is of his Mario pillow--you did a great job on it, Annette!! I hope he has a wonderful, wonderful year ahead... (Yikes on the "making babies" comment--you'd better really watch those two--ha ha!!)

Hope you feel better soon--rest and take it easy if possible...

Hetti zei

Nog van harte gefeliciteerd met Noah, wat gaat de tijd snel :-))
Leuk kado heb je voor hem gemaakt en de school foto's zijn geweldig!

Ook de vorige blogjes gelezen, ik liep 'n beetje achter :-((
Wat een winkel vol vilt... wow daar kan je je hart ophalen.
Veel plezier en groetjes, Hetti