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maandag 1 juli 2013

1th of July..... where is my summer???

In house I'm making my heart shelf in summer style, 
because outside...  let we don't talk about that now.

Summer is bee's, strawberry, and things like that.. so that is what I'm making.
Here the first for you too show.
My little felted strawberry..
A real cutie-pie
What do you think off her...??      =))))
After I'm done with the things I wanne make, I maybe will make one more.

Also I'm crocheting.
A while back I bought those special eyes.  =))
This was the perfect project try it on out.
The left one is normal crochet, the right is my first try in back loops crochet..
I like it, but not for this project, it gave it a other shape.
And I don't like how I put the eyes, but ones ther are stuck, I could not get it loose again. =/
What do you think...??


A store is going to stop in or town, and one thing I was liking so much. and last week on one of the last days, it was still there with a big discount, so I bought it..
Look at how happy my sweet girl is with it
That also means more work for mommy, making a blanket and a new doll... but that has too wait a little bit longer.

Saterday we went with the other in laws and whole family to the Efteling.
That is a amusement-parc.
We had a wonderfull day
Thankfully also a little bit of sun..
 Noah wil show us the road
DH and his brorther went in this, it was a roller-coaster

Yesterday was a sunny and warm day, but today, again cold..
The sun showed up, just in time for dinner, and now I need to go to sleep with that sun,
 because I have the night shift again.
Till next time

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

11 opmerkingen:

Marion zei

Het zomerkoninkje ziet er zo leuk en mooi gemaakt uit.

De bijtjes vind ik ook heel leuk geworden met het strikje op hun kop.

Kira helemaal happy met haar poppenwagen.

Misschien heb je 's nachts nog een uurtje over om iets leuks voor in de wagen te maken.

Werk ze voor straks en ik zie je wel weer voorbij komen.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Annie zei

Love your strawberry fairy!

Kira makes a great little Mommy-in-training. Such a cute dress too.

Nice to have a big guy like Noah to help you find your way!

So did you chicken out of the water ride? I know I would have!

Anoniem zei

Your strawberry is so cute and I love the bees.
Lovely photos too.

cucki zei

Aww sweet photos..
Miss strawberry is So sweet..
Big hugs x

Nima zei

wow..the strawberry fairy looks too cute Anntte

♥ Nia zei

It's here!! Summer it's here, come to Portugal :D heheheh
I hope the weather is getting better over there..
ohhh your bees are so cute!!! But the little strawberry wooow! adorable! I loooove it!! :D You always make everything so cute and sweet! Great work Petite Anne :)
The baby strolling with her baby hehehe I remember when little Carol was at that time, strolling her baby at the park, so fun!! :D She's 8 and she still loves her baby dools :D much more than barbies!
Have fun, even if the Sun is not shinning as much as you'd wish.. I hope it will get better for you!

Valma zei

I can tell you that summer is not here !!! =(
it's raining again today, even if it's not really cold it's not funny either =(
fed up with that weather
fortunately I can see here things that brighten my day =D
Your strawberry is just...WOW =D
I'm in love, I tried to take it through the screen but didn't succeed =)
it's over cute sweetie, very well done
and your bees...both version are so sweet
I love their eyes, it's prettier than the one with white also and that move...really beautiful
you're number one at that cute pieces Petite Anne =)
big big hugs

Carol zei

I agree, Annette--where is our summer!!?? We've had so many pop-up rain storms lately and very little sun.

I ADORE your little strawberry elf--too cute!! I think that may be my favorite thing you've ever made--and you've made lots of cute things!

Kira looks so cute with her new baby stroller (in her Hello Kitty outfit!) and Noah looks like he can't wait to move on to the next ride at the park. So glad you had a fun day and I hope our sun shines very, very soon :)

schloung zei

Well done ! petite anne :-)
The strawberry is very nice ... almost juicy ;-)
and the bees are fun !
Your work is terrible , I can't do this kind of thing! congrats

Stitching Noni zei

I absolutely love your strawberry!! She is so cute :)
The bees are little cuties - great eyes!!
Aren't your kids adorable :)
Hope summer is on its way to you soon!!

Angel zei

Ahh, schattige bijtjes heb je weer gemaakt.
Maar de aarbei is ook superleuk!

Duidelijk een mooie dag gehad in de efteling.
Hopelijk heb je alles een beetje kunnen bekijken...het is er ook zo leuk!
liefs uit Apeldoorn