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zondag 26 mei 2013

♥ Missed me?? ♥~

It's more then 2 weeks that I posted......


I've been on vacation too Tunesia =)))) in Africa

We came back last Thursday night and went a away on a weekend again on Friday morning.
So we kept our selfs busy.

But lets go back too the BIG vacation.
So sorry then I didn't say anything about it..
I will try and make up for that with al kinds of lovely photo's and storys.

I only have 1 poblem. ;(

When I put the pictures from my camera on my laptop, a lot of beautifull pictures went lost.
I'm so mad about that

We went away on Saterday morning at 7.00 with the airplane.
Most of you will know I'm very afraid of flying.
But with 2 kids, you don't have time to think about yourself....hihihihihi :))))))

For me it was so COOL to go to AFRICA.. never thought I could go there
The weather was wonderfull about 24 degrees, sunny, a bit windy at the coast

In the night is was cold, so the outside pool was cold also but thankfully there was a inside pool.
(pic's of the outsie pool I lost)

On the 4th day we went to a Animal parc, the nr two of Tunesia.
It was a very beautifull parc, to bad I don't have any film of picture of that again

I'm so so so mad... grrrrrrr
Pictures I found on the web, in that parc where so many beautifull different tigers, loved them

On the 6th day, we went to a dinner/show.
We saw a traditional wediing, and after dinner we got a show  outside with lasers over the last 3000 years of Tunesia, It was really awesome.
So beautifull.

The next day we went on a camel trip
From the beginning we booked this vacation, I told DH I wanted to do this.. 
I thought it would be so cool.. and it was.

It was such a great experience, First it was Dh and Noah, and Me and Kira on a camel, after a stop, Noah and Kira wanted on the donkey.
Our guide, told me to go with Dh on a camel and she would stay with the kids, we all had so much fun.
Also we coulf give the camel a big kiss.. hihi
Put a piece of cactus in your mouth and then give it too the camel..
Noah went first and last, he loved it so much.
Al who didn't had a hat got hatcloth, so I bought one.
Aren't I pretty =)))))))))))

The camel also is crazy about Coca Cola

Can you see it?
He gets the bottle with his mouth and then puts it up so he can drinks it empty, after that he drops it from his mouth.. it was so cool too see.

After that there also was a problem..

As Noah was allergic for most animals, we hoped it would went well..
I don't think the camel was a problem, but when he got on the donkey, the problem started..
We noah after a allergic reaction, his asthma will come up, and it did. 

2 days later on Sunday he was so so sick.. poor little boy, after he got eat a bit he wante dto play and play, so we thought maybe he could go with us also too the city, beceause when he was playing he looked fine.In one of the stores he throw up, a men brought us to a hospital, after he fainted a few times, he got some medican from the doctor
And in the evening we should be begter and he was.

the day's after that we didn't do nothing then swim and rest to hope that Noah was all better to fly back.. and he did.

The whole week we swim the in inside swimming pool.
A few times we went to the beach
also here lost a lot of wonderfull pictures... this is all I still have.

Every day there was a mini club twice and in the evening a mini disco.
Noah loved it so much.. and the girl of the animation, he was in love with.
 I see I;m working already a few hours on this post..
I have shown you the most I could show.

The rest is all gone, and I hate it so much..
But can't help it......

We had a wonderfull vacation..
I wanne go back.. take new pictures and enjoy the weather, her the wetaher is bad.. rain cold.. =((((

Have great work week..
I need to work in the morning..


I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

10 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Well except for that allergy problem, this looks like a fabulous vacation. A little fun for everyone. Love that first photo of Kira dragging luggage that is bigger than she is!

Nima zei

glad to see you had nice vacation ..

olifantje68 zei

Hele mooie foto's en fijn dat je zo lekkere vakantie hebt gehad
Lekker nagenieten
groetjes annie

cucki zei

So glad that you had lots of fun xx

♥ Nia zei

Yes I did!!! I missed you a lot!!! Glad you're back but I'm also very very happy to know you had a great time! :D
Don't feel bad for the pics, the best images you have on your mind, you all do :D
Huge smile to you my dear friend!!! hugs!!!

Valma zei

sure we missed you !!!!
This is a wonderful post, with great pictures, it seems you had the time of your life and I'm really happy for you
so sorry for Noah =(
Poor little guy
I sent you a quick mail on FB, I think you can get back your pictures sweetie, don't be sad =)
big hugs

Saskia zei

Waarom krijg ik nu opeens zin in vakantie?
Ooit ook naar Tunesie geweest, toen er nog geen kids waren,midden in de zomer,bloedjeheet.
Vandaag eindelijk weer eens de zon gezien, na al die regen en die kou.

Mylene zei

Sure had missed you, but glad to hear you all had fun. Sorry to hear though about Noah.
Thanks for sharing all the pics. All looks great!!

Anoniem zei

Wat leuk om zo even je vakantie verhaal te kunnen lezen ... geweldig leuk Annette !
Groetjes, Karina

Carol zei

Oh, what a trip!! It sounds so exotic to travel to Africa, although I know it isn't so far for you to travel. That must be the best thing about Europe--being so close to so many different countries and cultures.

So glad you had a good getaway, but I feel so bad for Noah and his allergies. Hopefully, he will outgrow them in time! Love that first photo of the kids in the airport--too cute :)

I'm sure you'll enjoy getting back to your crafting, Annette! Have a great day :)