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dinsdag 9 oktober 2012

♥ Somebunny ♥

I had one good guess.
I'm stitching a Somebunny
The pattern 'Room for one more'
I fell in love with it, when I saw it!!
Love it so much..
Here is the next update
I still miss a few colors as you can on the cute Bunny..
Kira loves bunny's.. hihi... 
Every time she sees a bunny she makes the same movement with her nose as a bunny..
Noah did that too when I was little...
♥  SO DARN CUTE!!!  ♥

Little got sick last night.
So he stayed home today..
But he is getting better, tomorrow he goes to school again!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

10 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Ok, not a Rorschach inklot anymore. That really is a cute pattern. Must be adorable to see those little noses twitching!

Guess this time of year is when the kids start getting sick. Glad he's feeling better.

Petra zei

Ow, this bunny is sooo cute, all the patterns with this bunny are.
I think I have a big one for you too, I'll send it you.
Can't wait seeing it finished... :)

Big hug

Pauline zei

Dat is vast wel met kerst af!

Mylene zei

Such a cute design!

Good to hear Noah's feeling better!
Isn't it the last week of school over there and then autumn break?
One more week for here on the North, we're the last to take a break, the kids..

♥ Nia zei

Ohhhh I can see him now :D hehehehehe adorable!!! And you made a great progress! Looking so cute already =)
Hahahaha you have a little blonde bunny at home? LOL :D cuuuuuute :)
Sorry for hearing Noah is not well =/ I hope your little man will feel better soon! Special kiss for him =)
Huge hug for you and my cute Pixie-bunny-niece :D hehehe

Valma zei

hey, this is Somebunny =)
So cute
you did a great progress, now we can see him
I discovered Somebunny for Anna and it's really tooooooo cute
great idea
can't wait to see your finish =)
happy stitching Petite Anne
big hugs

Carol zei

Aww...little Kira with her twitching nose must be adorable!! Your bunny is very sweet, Annette--I love bunnies, too :)

Hope Noah feels all better soon (and that he doesn't pass it along to his little sister!). Is he enjoying school this year?

Vinniey zei

Thanks for the sweet comment on my little blog, Annette! I have missed out so many of your posts, I hope I could catch up soon. :) Glad to hear Noah is getting better and can go back to school tomorrow. Kira is such a cute girl. Happy stitching! {{{Hugs}}}

Marion zei

Wat een schattig patroon.
Gelukkig is Noah weer beter.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Doni zei

Your little bunny is going to be so cute! I hope Noah is feeling better too!

And I love your new header picture! So sweet! :)