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donderdag 18 oktober 2012

Somebunny update

We are having the wettest October in years, they said on the news..
The kids have vacation, and the things I see the most is rain..and a lot of it.. 
we started with 1 beautifull day the rest all rain.. but still are having fun.. more of that soon.

I have anorther update of Somebunny
I'm loving the pattern even more!!
Al the threads I needed I all have, also the special threads, but I don't like stitching them, so keep them for the last!!
First fill up al the holes

Who doesn't love Santa
I got a early Santa gift..
My sweet friend Mylene send me the JCS 2012 .. I love it!!
The way the finish of all there finished pieces so beautifull to see.. love it!!
Dear Mylene thank you so much for this lovely gift!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!!
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

10 opmerkingen:

Carla zei

Somebunny is cominga a long great! Those bunnies are so sweet <3

Pauline zei

Het is heerlijk herfst!
Zolang het buien zijn vind ik het niet erg, lekker op de bank met een werkje...

Amarins zei

Het is heerlijk herfstweer, het regent hier al de hele dag. We hebben volgende week vakantie, dan mag er toch wel een klein zonnetje bij hopelijk. Je werkje wordt prachtig en dat blad heb ik ook, je bent lekker verwend door Mylene want er staan prachtige dingen in. Groetjes, Amarins

Mylene zei

You are doing great with 'Somebunny'!

Here's been raining too, hopefully next week will be better, it's the kids turn here for 'herfst vakantie'.

Graag gedaan! Looking forward to see what you pick out of the finishing ideas..

Dani - tkdchick zei

That is a cute stitch!

Saskia zei

Het is prutweer in de herfstvakantie, blehhhh. Gelukkig vermaken de kids zich toch wel hier.
Ben benieuwd naar Some Bunny die af is.......

Valma zei

Somebunny is becoming very cute =)
The backstitches will give life to him, can't wait
you received a great magazine too !
you will have things to do while it's pouring outside , here we have lot's of rain too !!
big hugs

Vinniey zei

Somebunny is cute! We have heavy rain here since last week. It's warm in the morning and cozy at night. Enjoyed your new magazine and happy stitching. {{{Hugs}}}

Carol zei

How sweet of Mylene to send you the new JCS magazine!! Can't wait to see what you stitch from it, Annette... Your WIP is looking very cute and even cuter is the new photo of the kids playing in the woods in your header :)

♥ Nia zei

Somebunny is so cute =) I know how it is to stitch one of those patterns, we really love to see it show, so adorable!! Right? :D Keep it up! You have a great progress!!
Which special threads does that pattern call for? Metallic? I always stitch those at last too eheheh
We had lots of rain too!! It sinally stopped yesterday, we have some sunshine now, prettier days :) but cold!! so very cold =/ it's winter coming..
Great surprise form Mylene!! :D
Hope you're having a greet weekend sweetie! Enjoy!!
Huge hug to you =)

PS: I miss our long twitter talks! eheheheh I've been so busy theses last few days =/ but we will catch up soon, for sure! :)