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donderdag 25 oktober 2012

Last Fall creations

Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post.

I still had a few fall creations to show you.
I will put them all in this post, because I'm already working on the next holiday Sinterklaas.
The big one, is my new friend Stippel (Dot), he is totally made out of felt.
It was a big job =) but love the end result =)))
Next to it you see a little pumpkin, and a hedgehog, both also made from felt.
Next year I need to start earlier on Fall....
I'm finally working out a month forward, so I have the craft creation on time the season of holiday
Here you can see my Fall Heart
My assignment for the next year is, make creations so I can fill the heart for every months,... not to much...bit enough
What's enough????????
...isn't it lovely...

Then today I've been baking again with the kids
The kids love them, the translater calls them pancake, but they aren't.
We call them eierkoek. maybe egg cake is a beter translate.
They are yummy!!!
It's winter time, we are baing more and more... have made more the last week bur no pic's of them :( but will try and think of making them next time I bake.
Olso made my oatmeal cookies, I bake them every week, it's my breakfast.. lol

Then I end with the greatest pic of all
Aren't they sweet.....
I'm so glad I've a good camera on my foon... otherwise, I didn't had this pic
Brother and sister giving a big kiss

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

7 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Very cute felt creations. And I love your heart-shaped knick-knack shelf.

Don't know if we have any equivalent goodie like the eierkoek. Sure looks good.

And the final photo of the kiddies is just too adorable!

Patty C. zei

Wonderful creations & the kids are precious ;)

Valma zei

I loooooove Stippel =D
He is so cute !!!
Very well done ! And your hedgehog , so cute too, he looks like my Gustaf =D
Your heart is definitely a very good idea
Your biscuits look like Scottish shortbread =)
they seem yummy
and your last picture.....wonderful, a picture we wouldn't exchange against anything

Dani - tkdchick zei

what an adorable collection of fall decorations and a neat way to display them.

Mylene zei

Precious pic of the kids.
Love your fall deco's.

Doni zei

I love all your beautiful felt creations, Annette! And your heart shelf is so cute! What a great way to display all your beautiful projects.
The picture of Noah and Kira is SO sweet! :)

♥ Nia zei

What's enough??? ;) LOL
Dot is sooooooooooooo cute =) the hat is so adorable!! What's inside? How is that done?? heheheh I'm a curious girl :p
I loveyour hearted display, I've seen it here before, it's full now :D
hahhaha you are happy to have camera on your phone but in ten years from now, Noah won't be so happy! hahahah Brothers grow up and don't won't to see sweet pictures hehehe Guys! LOL :D

Here I'm feeling winter already.. so cold! Autumn was short =/

Hugs to you sweetie, see you in a second on twitter ;) ehehehhe