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maandag 13 augustus 2012

Belated happy birthday to me =))

10th of August was my birthday.
I wanted to post that day, but you now how it can be...hihi =))

I have been baking, with so much fun, the night before I baked, my birthday cake.. and it looked great.. hihi.. And yummy that it was...
Last year at the Kreadoe, I got some shapes to make flowers, did was the first time I tryed them all out..
Loved doing that

There was a lot of Buttercream still over, so I decided to make first try buttercream cupcakes

I got some lovely presents.
The first from Valerie, all the way from France, I loved it so much.
Thank you so much
She now I love Somebunny... it's it cute!! =)))

The sweet hetti send me a gift to..
I have never seen this. so great, to make my own bobbins
Thank you Hetti, I love it!!

I got some other craft gifts to.. love them

A colleague gave me some beautifull pieces of fabric, and another on a cool crochter book. Love them!!
I got other lovely gift too and a  few cooking book
Thanks all =))))))))))))))))))

And look what my sweet DH brought me home.. he had to work the whole day!!
Favorite flowers in my favorite color!!!

I had a great birthday !!
Thank you all so much!!!

Still one package is on his way.. can't wait to see it... every day I get a mail, if I got it already.. hihihihihi

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! 
 I love reading them!! 
 ♥ Have a great day ♥

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Annie zei

Lovely gifts. And smart of you to make your own cake and cupcakes.... you know you will get something yummy that way!

Happy Birthday a little bit late!

Pauline zei


Marion zei

Je bent lekker verwend Annette. Wat een heerlijke taart heb je gemaakt en de cupcakes yamiyami.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Doni zei

Happy Birthday Annette!!! It looks like you had a great day! :)

Carla zei

Happy Birthday Annette!
Hope you had a wonderful day with your husband and kids :)
Those cupcakes and birthday cake look delicious!

Katrien zei

je gebak ziet er fantastisch uit, nogmaals gelukkige verjaardag

Valma zei

yum yum =D
Once again, great pictures of cakes that give me calories just watching them =D
My little present bag suits with your cupcakes =D
Really happy you enjoyed my gift
I also love the pink piece of fabric your colleague gave you =D
so great you had a wonderful birthday
big hugs

mbroider zei

Happy Birthday to you dear Annette. See, some more wishes to come true:) so what if 10th is past!


Carol zei

Happy belated birthday, Annette! It looks like you received some lovely gifts from friends and the flowers from your DH are gorgeous :)

Sure wish I could have shared a piece of those yummy birthday desserts! It won't be long before Noah and Kira can make them for you :)

Vinniey zei

Happy belated birthday sweetie! Beautiful gifts from friends and the flowers from your DH are lovely! :)

Dyanna zei

Hello Annette =) do you remember me ... I am very far away from the blog world =/ but from long to long I am caming to take a little look. Today I really wanted to leave you a BIG KISS for you and as I could see, you hab a very good day of birthday.
Dear big kiss for you and continue to be like you are. Your 2 beauties are day to day bigger and bigger and they are a very happy children.

Big kiss dear and see you around

♥ Nia zei

Such a beautiful cake!! Love it! i wish I knew how to decorate a cake like that :D great job sweetie ;)
Also with your cupcakes frosting! So pretty, well done! i need to practice more ;) hehehehe I did well but it wasn't easy :p I need to practice more so I can do it pretty and quick hehehehehe
Lovely flowers :) I hope you had a very special day =)
Hugs&smiles my sweet friend