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maandag 11 juni 2012

Sewing post

In my last post I mentions my cute crochet/sewn dress for Kira.
I think everybody wants to see it??
I'm right??
Oke here he is.. and so cute and wonderfull
What do you think.. isn't a cutie...

Wanne see it when Kira wears it???
Like it?? I do =))))

What to do with maternity clothing that's not needed in you closet?
Make something else out of it.. lol
Look at this collage
the above al maternity clothing.
the 3 leggings made out of them for Kira, and so handy.
on the picture of Kira in her dress she is also wearing a leggings, but I put it up whe she started walking in the cold water.

Then last but not least.
The pants for Noah.
Wheb i cutted out al the part I asked Noah what he tought of it. he told me:

Mommy I don´t like it.. It´s not dark blue... :(((

So I sewn it with dark blue threads and he likes it.. YEAH.. I 'm so glad..=))))
I like it.. and so does Noah..

LET the summer come!

That was it for today..
(better Nia???)

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
 I love reading them!! 

 ♥ Have a great day ♥

13 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

That dress is just he absolute cutest!

And aren't you clever to find a way to use the maternity clothes!

Carla zei

Love the dress, Annette! Kira looks so cute in it :)

♥ Nia zei

hahahahah :D I think I need to hide... LOL You don't have to post as much as I ask, I just want you to know that I really enjoy reading your posts :) and I miss it when too much time goes by with no news here =)

ohhh my!! the dress you made for Kira is the cutest thing!! Adorable =))) I hope one day I will have a baby girl and make dresses for her too =)))
And great job with the pants too! I don't know how Noah would prefer darker blue, I love that color for summer and for little boys! :D It's so pretty :) Tell Noah he is going to look very handsome with that color ;)

You see? what a great way to start my week! Reading your blog and watching your sewing works! :D
Well done sweetie!! You did great!! :D
hugs to you!!! have a great week :)

Carol zei

What a sweet dress for a sweet little girl!! You really are creative to recycle the old maternity clothes, too, Annette :)

It's so funny how Noah wanted nothing to do with the white...I'm with him--love the blue, too!!

Have a lovely week!

Valma zei

suuuuuuuper cute =)
I love the dress you made
and Noah will be adorable in his pants
ho sun please come back so that we can have pictures of cute Annette babies in their 'home made' clothes =)
Simone Arrais from linhas matizadas made her last post about recycling fabric too ! it's in, I love =)
big hugs

Pauline zei

Leuk hoor, kleertjes maken!
Deed ik vroeger ook graag voor mijn stel.

Amarins zei

Wat heb je prachtige kleren gemaakt. Zo leuk om te doen, ik ben ook weer begonnen, maar dan voor de grotere kids, onze dochter vindt het ook nog steeds leuk om iets te dragen wat mama heeft gemaakt.
Groetjes, Amarins

Vinniey zei

Kira is so cute with her new crochet floral dress! Well done, Annette! What a great idea to recycle all those old maternity cloths! :)

Anoniem zei

That dress is so cute and Kira looks adorable in it.
Great idea to make leggings out of your maternity clothes.
Noah's trousers are very sweet too.

Saskia zei

Zomer? Wat is dat?
Het jurkje is zooo leuk, maar nu niet te snel groeien Kira....

Katrien zei

The dress is sooo cute, Kira looks wonderfull in it.
Very creative work with the maternity clothes. Dan gaan er geen kindjes meer volgen? ;-)

Doni zei

Kira's dress is so cute and she looks adorable in it! Very nice job on Noah's pants too! :)

Unknown zei

Annette-tje, je hebt een award gekregen van me !! Kijk maar eens op mijn blogje ;-)