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donderdag 28 juni 2012

Hello world, this is me :)

Did you missed me?? :O
I have been away.. twice.. lucky girl that I'm. =))
My new goal is not making long post anymore, so you will see it in a few different post. :/
This will be a craft post next post vacation pic's...

Almost four weeks ago, my MIL had her birthday. wanne know her age? ;)
I think she is going to kill me this weekend after reading this but here it goes.. :)))
She turned 60.... YEAH
But she still looks 45 .. hihihi.. kidding =)))
For her birthday we all went to the Belgium coast.
with the 11 off us we had a great weekend.

A birthday needs a present.
What to give some-one who has everything.. :$

She loves flowers and her grandchildren so lets combinatie those...
Working with felt is so great, so that is also something.

This is what I made
A felted pot, full of felted flowers, and on 5 flowers added the photo's of her 5 grandchildren
I'm very happy with it, and so was she.

They never die and don't need any water.. how easy is that :))))

After seeing a few of my handtowel bags that see likes I tought to make her also one.
There living-room colors is red (made a red pot and mostly red flowers)
So a red towel bag was born =)))
With a rose as button.

What do you think of my presents?
I'm glad with them... up for another birthday!!

As you maybe noticed is that my monthly goals where ....... NOTHING.
I was away most of the month, so nothing in the planning to make.
But on my other vacation I did a bit of stitching.. will show it on a later post.
And for the curious ones.. I also went to Turkey, got back last night,  more about that later

I'm way behind on blogs.. sorry.. I'm going to read them all, but it will take a while.. 
I didn't forgot about you!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! I love reading them!! ♥ Have a great day ♥

11 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

What a great birthday party for your MIL! And I bet she loves having a DIL who thinks so much of her and takes the time to make her such pretty things.

Valma zei

of course we missed you =)
but I'm happy you had great holidays
what wonderful presents you offered !!!
very great idea !
those flowers will never wither and they are lovely with the pictures
and another bravo for your bag
I already loved the first you made , this one is really gorgeous
no monthly goal but great craft =)
big hugs

Marion zei

Oooo Annette wat heb je weer mooie kado'tjes gemaakt. Je hebt eer van je werk hoor, prachtig.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Doni zei

Glad you had a good month with your travels! :) I love the flower bouquet with the pictures of the kids, that is very clever idea! :)

Unknown zei

Prachtige cadeautjes dat je hebt gemaakt !
Welkom terug trouwens ;-) fijn je terug te lezen !

Carol zei

Yes, I missed you!! I'm glad to see you were just traveling--was beginning to worry a bit...

I'm sure your MIL loves the little flower post with all the grandchildren--how proud she must be of all of them :) Cute little towel bag, also.

Looking forward to seeing your vacation photos, Annette!!

Katrien zei

such fantastich presents you made!

Ranae zei

The flower pot is an adorable idea, I bet you MIL was over the moon with it
Sounds like you have been having a wonderful time
Take care!!!

♥ Nia zei

I missed you so muuuuuuuuuuuuch =) even a little email or tweet from now and then, even with those, I really-really missed you =)))

60 years to celebrate means that your MIL has a life full os experience to celebrate! :)
Beautiful gift!!! I love those pots of flowers, it's something that I've been willing to make for my house too :) Gorgeous colors!! Very pretty sweetie, well done :D

Those towel bags really rock :D hahaha Looks so cool! :D

Can't wait to see more pictures from your vacation! I bet the kids had a blast!!! :D heheheh
Hugs to you sweetie!! =))))

Hetti zei

wat een leuke kadootjes heb je gemaakt Annette, daar zal ze zeker blij mee geweest zijn!
Fijn dat jullie genoten hebben van de vakanties, heerlijk om er even tussenuit te zijn. Leuke foto's trouwens ;-))

En ondertussen een nieuwe zaak gestart, veel succes gewenst!
Veel liefs,

Carla zei

I was wondering why you were not posting...glad to know you were enjying vacation time with your family :)

Those are lovely gifts you made for you MIL!!!