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maandag 30 april 2012

It's the end of the months already.. So also time to look at my goals, but I also have other things to show My first Goal for April was finish off my Easter crafts. The only thing that had to be finished was the Green eggs..
I wanted to finish this off together with the happy hoppy easter, but I'm out of idea's...Nnow I have a whole year too think about that! The next goal Finish off Noah's memoboard is finally done. What I didn't got done last months I got done this month. Sweet Beezzy Bumblebee made me the buttons.. I love them so much Thank you so much.. I can't wait using the ones you made for Kira's board. Here is Noah's memoboard hanging on his wall
I love it, I put some photo's from Noah in it.. It's so beautifull, I'm so glad to finish it. Then my next goal Make some Spring crafts. Easter was over, so not in the mood anymore for Easter crafts, but I did finish a cute egg chick from this pattern. I made him in white. but I don't think it's easter chickie
What do you think? Then my final goal was making a X-mas ornament
It's a simpel felted star. And because it was so simpel, and last months I didn't make a one bacause of all the Easter crafts, I made another small and simple felted ornament
In RL they look so cute, and together with the other 2 pieces It will be a wonderfull X-mas tree. Then my goals for May: 1. Start crocheting a pillow case 2. Start on Kira’s stitching owl 3. Start on Noah’s blue crochet lamp cover 4. Craft birds for May 5. Make a X-mas ornament (no felt) 6. Paint my front window vase I'made 4 ornaments 3 feltes and 1 crochet.. I think of making a stitched one now. I'm thinking of a cute pattern from Helga Mandl.. So new goals are made, then I have still more to show to you guys. I have shown you a start of a felted garland. It was a birthday gift for Noah's best girlfriend who is also a neighbor-girl
They still so cute this garlands.. Then Kira's dress.. I finished it.. but not only that. Look at the pictures
I think it's so cute.. It's still hanging in my living. I so love it. As you could see I made a matching diaper cover, and also a cute sweet hairpin from the same fabric as Kira's dress. This week I hope making another dress for her. I also have been baking. Last week I baked a pie.. but not a pie like I normal do. I baked a carrot cake with coconut cream cheese frosting... how do you think about that? And yummy that it was... Not every-one needs to like it, so I couldn't let visiters go how without eating something, so Noah and me also baked some cupecakes, I did some simple frosting on it and he the sprinkles.. and ira.. well so can only eat so that's what she did when she say the cupcakes.. put her finger in it and mark it to be hers...My sweetie-pie
It was so jummy.. you don't tast the carrots at all.. really I would say to everyone who bakes.. try this out !! Yesterday, we have been a day to Antwerp. We live nearby it, And we don't go that often to the centrum of the city. Only to the movies.. So yesterday we went.. The kids liked it.. running there/seeing things.. we all had a great day
First time shopping in Antwerp.. saw so many beautifull things.. I bought something beautifull more of that in the next month. Swimming.. who doesn't love it.. My kids do
Aren't they looking cute This time, the last picture is not my kids, but my beautifull apple tree. I'm loving it.. every time I watch outside I see it. Look at it for your self
Beautifull ;))))) Ps.. blogger is totally changed.. I love how I can easy put in pictures now... the rest of the changes will take some while to get used to...hihi I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!! I love reading them!! ♥ Have a great day ♥

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Varla Lee zei

Hi Annette!! All the things you did are awesome! I love the chicks, how lovely your babies helping you to make cakes! Happy week dear mommy!

Saskia zei

Jee,alweer zo'n lang verhaal. Slaap jij weleens?

Duimen dat Kira snel haar jurk aankan, nu schijnt de zon maar de rest van de week.....ben jaloers op je tuin , als je de bende hier ziet. Maar dat gaat goed komen.

Hihi jij met je kerst en je pasen. Het vogeltje is echt leuk, zie ze hier eigenlijk wel in paars/wit/grijs in de slaapkamer staan. Lol, ook plannen genoeg maar waar te beginnen....? Enne...ben je niet wat vergeten voor je lijstje voor mei?

Valma zei

what a lovely post again =D
your family life if wonderful ♥
I love the dress you made, as I told you I can't wait the sun comes back to see Kira wearing it =D
You did great things and you'll be ready for next Easter, your chick is so cute
big hugs

Annie zei

Lots of crafty that flower to match Kira's outfit.

All the food looks so yummy. I've always been a fan of carrot cake.

Your shopping trip looks like so much fun. Already warm enough to swim?

Anoniem zei

Hi Annette

Your stitching looks great! Kira's dress and matching diaper cover is so sweet.

I love the new photo of Noah and Kira at the top of your blog - their outfits are just lovely!
Very pretty apple blossom too.

♥ Nia zei

Hi sweetie!!! I miss you =))) You've been busy, I've been busy, we both need a good vacation ;) hehehehe
I tried to make that little bird too! But it didn't work, I think the pattern was way off from the real picture. It was impossible with that pattern to make something as round as the picture.
Maybe one day we will be both strolling around Antwerp ;) hheheeh
Looooooooove your tree!! Looks beautiful :)
Hugs&smiles to you sweetie :D

Terry zei

Lovely pics, especially the newest of Noah and Kira!

I gave you the Liebster Award. Check it out when you get a free minute. Have a great week!

Katrien zei

great pics!
Your felt projects look great.

Grietje zei

Jij bent ook heel creatief en jouw twee kinderen zijn een stukje jonger. Wij hebben een dame van 7 en een heertje van 4.
Dat je de tijd hebt genomen om alle berichten op mijn blog te bekijken zeg! Ik geloof best dat je er ongeveer 2 uurtjes mee zoet was.
Nog bedankt voor je leuke reactie^_^


Doni zei

All of your projects look wonderful Annette! And the outfit you made for Kira is just beautiful! I really like your blog heading photo too, little Kira looks so sweet looking up at Noah. :)

Janette... zei

Wow so many gorgeous crafts you have been do buys, I love the little Tess garland, gorgeous!!!

Mylene zei

Beautiful pics Annette! Hope your week is going well. Mine's not but trying to be 'vrolijk' ...i am having difficulty with my Dutch as well as my English but mainly my Dutch at work! Shame...but i feel unhappy at work to care...