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zondag 1 april 2012

Goals and awards..

Happy April fools!!

So it's the first off April.. so April fools but also looking at my Goals, from last month and making new one.
My goals where:
1. Finish my felted snowdrops
2. Make a lot of Easter crafts...
3. Finish Noah's memoboard

The first was finish off the snowdrops.. I didn't make much more then that I showed a few posts back
next year will make more... up to next things.. lol..

Then making Easter crafts.. I got crazy ;) ;P
The most I did was stitching.. also made something I didn't like din't show it here yet.. I hope I can still change it a bit..
But here is what I made
Then I have another finish and a WIP-update

More of that later..

Then the third thing on the list I didn't make..
So taht will be again on my next list..

So for April:
1. Till Easter finish off my Easter crafts
2. Finish off Noah's memoboard.
3. Make some Spring crafts.
4. Make 1 Xmas ornament.

That's it for April... hope I will make it this time..

Then for the awards..

I got it three times..
Am I so pathetic???? (kidding) that I need it three times... lol
I got from Saskia, Valerie and Milly.. (I saw Milly deleted her blog.. to bad she had such a great blog.. made the most beautifull things)

This awards is for blogs with lesser then 200 followers.
I also need to tell things about myself but times flying i see..
I need to go to work..
I wanne give it to everyone who also has lesser then 00 followers, don't have the time to finds them..
I will tell something about myself in my bext post..

Need to run now..


I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

9 opmerkingen:

Olga Visser zei

Gefeliciteerd met drie maal award!

ah..... de Noah's memoboard weer verschoven naar de volgende maand...
je heb gelijk - met Kerst dingen moet je vroeg beginnen.


Carol zei

Don't you love stitching for Easter, Annette? The colors are so bright and cheerful--your LKs look great and the chicken with his eggs is adorable...

Good luck with your April goals--looking forward to seeing Noah's memo board. Congratulations on your award, too! What five interesting things will you tell us about yourself?

Valma zei

Good luck with your April goals my dear Petite Anne =D
I've many goals to achieve too and hope we'll be able to finish everything !
Anyway enjoy Spring :)
big hugs

Saskia zei

Wat heb jij gemaakt wat je niet wilt laten zien????

Je moet nog even flink doorwerken om je takken vol te krijgen
hoor ;-)
En je paasborduurtjes ook alweer klaar, gooi eens een beetje freubelzin deze kant op......

Doni zei

I love all your Easter projects Annette. That little chicken is especially cut! :)

Katrien zei

congrats on your award (again ;))

Your easter-crafts look awesome!

♥ Nia zei

You made so much!! And you stitched so much for Easter too :D You did a great work sweetie!! :)

Ohhh I see some little pink bunny =) hehehe Love your finishes! But that chicken.. is so cool! Makes me smile very time I see her :D
Feel proud of you works, you did a lot and all so pretty :)

Congrats on your award!
Looks like you forgot one number there.. you wrote that you want to give it to everyone who has less than 00 followers! hahahah typo mistake ;)

Have a great week sweetie!! And good luck on achieving your goals :) I hope April will be a great crafty month!

Marion zei

Die Kip vind ik helemaal geweldig en voor de rest ben je ook weer lekker bezig geweest!!!!
Groetjes van Marion

♥ Nia zei


Sweet Easter to you :)