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zondag 12 februari 2012

WIP -> Panda Day's and ice-skating

Panda day's was calling and calling..
But to many things came in between..
Then I was tired of te calling :P
Finally I toke it and started again. ;P
It's such a pretty piece.. to bad I left it all along for so long =))

This is how It looked wen I put it away last year

And this is how far I was a few day's ago
I LOVE IT !!!!!
The colors are beautifull pastel, love how it's turning out with al those backstitching..
The only things that is to bad that you can's see all the back stitches..
Must of them are grey, french knots are grey, and a lot of cross stitches are grey.. on the eyes and feet you can't see what I all have done there, also some white back stitches..
The backstitches on all the leafs are green, it's almost the same color as the grey..
I can't wait how it turnes out when I finish the upper flowers.. only those are left..
I don't like to keep all the backstitches till the end, so already finish to for 2/3.

We still have cold, snow and ice...
Years ago as a teenager I iceskate everywhere.. now I'm a mom and I'm scared.. ;(
I saw so many pic's from friends on FB how there where ice-skating with there kids, I was so jealours.... but to afraid of falling in the ice..
After seeing pictures that 2 schools here had skated on a pond, then I know it save for me to..
So this morning got the ice-skates from Noah out of the closet and gave it a try..
We all love it.
So mad on my selfs that I didn't do that a week ago, then I could have done it every day.. Noah loved it so much..
Here you can see us skating.. even =)))))))))
DH and I don't have ice-skates (YET!!)we wanne buy some for next year..
This afternoon we had a little bit of new snow.. so great to watch with some hot cocoa from the inside.. really love watching that...
So maybe we will get more day's of skating!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

11 opmerkingen:

Amarins zei

Wat is je borduurwerk schitterend, ben ook echt weg van deze.
En ja.... die ijsfoto's, geweldig leuk!
Groetjes, Amarins

miek zei

wat is die panda geweldig mooi geworden, en pastel ohhhh zo mooi.
de backstitches doen het gewoon goed, je moet ze maken, je kan er niet omheen, als je klaar bent zie je ook dat die het werk helemaal af maken.
wat schaatsen betreft; het gaat niet meer door hoor!, het gaat dooien. dus niet meer schaatsen he!
hihihi groetjes

Ranae zei

Panda is looking so adorable and you made very good progress. I don't wait to the last to do backstitching either
I love ice skating

Carol zei

Your sweet pandas are looking wonderful, Annette--you've made excellent progress on them :)

Would you believe I have never ice skated in my life? I probably wouldn't be very good at it... Sure glad your kids are enjoying the snow and ice... Hope you can find some skates for yourself very soon!

Mylene zei

You are moving great with Panda, such a cute design!

Tried skating years ago but it's not for me, great pics and sure a pity skating time is over, my kids do love it too.

Saskia zei

Stiksteekjes zijn ook niet altijd mijn favouriet, maar het maakt het wel af, vooral met het beertje. Het is echt een schatje. Ben benieuwd wat je volgend borduurwerkje gaat worden....

Enne.....ik ook niet op het ijs hoor, en dat ga ik ook zo houden.

Anoniem zei

wauwie erg mooi! wel veel backstitches maar dat maakt het wel af! verder je taarten jummie zien dr goed en lekker uit! nog gefeliciteerd met je dochter's verjaardag.

Valma zei

so cute !
gorgeous, I love ♥
panda waited a little, but progress is on now =D
big hugs

Nima zei

wow...cute panda bear...i love it

Pauline zei

heb ik toch die prachtige panda helemaal gemist!!

♥ Nia zei

oohhhhhhhhhhhh what a cutie!! Panda looks so adorable, I love those colors =) pretty pretty pretty :D
Great work sweetie!! :)

SO COOL!!! :D Not only you have snow but you also have a pond where you can do ice skating?! That way, winter is fun! :D hehehe We don't have that luck around here :p
Have fun little Noah :D And Kira, you stay warm baby girl =)

You go girl! You just need to start and then you'll lose the fear ;) It's like riding a bicycle, you never forget how to do it ;)