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woensdag 29 februari 2012

The end on the month and got a package

Happy Leap Day to you all..
The last day of the month, so time to look at my goals... at the end of the post also a surprise that I got.
Let see what my goals where:
1. Make many hearts in diffents crafts
2. Stitch and finish a snowdrop
3. Do some stitched on Panda Days
4. Finish off Noah's blue owl.
5. Crochet a Xmas ball

For the first one.. I forgot to take a picture I see now, and its already to dark..
But I have crochet some hearts in dífferent cottons, there are in my braches above the table...
Need to get them out for the next decoration this week, so I will try and remember to take a picture then.

For point 2, I need to finish the snowdrop... DONE!!!!
And because I love the snowdrops.. March will be my snowdrop month for now.
I'm making snowdrops out of felt..
Not a easy job, because it's so little, but it looks so cute.
I already finished two, here you can see them

Do some stitches on Panda Day's ...hihihi...
I FINISHED that :PI'm still so glad with it. And from all your comments to see you did to..
I even heard that a hubby liked it... :$ :$ :$blushing.......

Noah's blue owl...
I can tell it's beautifull...
Noah was thinking something else, when I finished it and gave it to him, the first thing he said to me was.. mommy make a new one with wings ....=)))))))))
Isn't he the CUTESTTTTTTT ;P
DH isn't in to owls, but even he liked it.. so I'm glad..
He is sitting so cute on Noah's bed, waiting for a BIG friend.. a plan I have in my mind for a long time... wait and see..
Make a crochet Christmas ball...
That isn't hard there are so many freebies of that.
Just picked one out and started
It's a bit small but I like the outcome.
It's fun and easy to make.. in the next months will make more of these

Then came the month March.. what will we do with it.. Because Easter is in end of the first week of April I will use march to make Easter crafts... and will only make some snowdrops for March decoration..
So here goes:
1. Finish my felted snowdrops
2. Make a lot of Easter crafts...
3. Finish Noah's memoboard
So only three for this month.. I have so many other things to do too...

For the Easter craft..... I already started with a stitching piece.
A beautifull Biscornu from Barbara Ana ..=)))
I really really love the colors that I'm using for it..
Only DMC 4124 I don't have so will use....... I think 741 for that.

More will come...

The fabric is my favorite evenwaeve, The needle I'm already using because I lost mine.. and it's my favorite needle,, it's a fire needle.. so hope it will burn for some
The threads feel so soft, and the pattern is very clear.

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

15 opmerkingen:

Pauline zei

Ooooo, wat super om zomaar een pakketje te krijgen!
En je hebt een mooie gekozen, leuk.

Ranae zei

Awesome craft post
Have fun with the bird house design, it's so pretty
Take care!

Carol zei

I would say you did very well on your crafting goals for February, Annette! Finishing the panda piece was huge :) And Noah's owl is adorable--even without wings!! I guess his wings are just down by his side, but Noah must want loose ones so he can make him fly?

Pretty colors in your new biscornu--spring is on its way :)

Valma zei

I contaminated you with my biscornu addiction ?? =D
Once again your owl is very great
Noah is right mummy, how can a bird fly without wings :)
It's cute and we can't wait seeing the big friend :)
the bird house seems to be lovely too, wish you to enjoy it
big hugs

Saskia zei

Poging nummer 3......
De sneeuwklokjes zijn zo schattig en de uil is ook super geworden, ook zonder Hier staat de uil ook iedere avond trouw op bed te wachten.Lekker ruikend en lichtgevend.

Je boft maar weer met je mooie pakket.

Het paaspatroontje is ook al zo leuk, misschien.......

♥ Nia zei

Oh! snowdrops with felt! how cute!!! Lovely idea sweetie ;)

Oh!! You had a great month!! Look how much you did :D

Your crochet ball looks so perfect :) I have to try and make one too, looks very pretty and I think it would look awesome something like that one my Christmas tree.. I'm picturing it on my mind already! heheheh
Is there something inside or is just crochet?

I'm stitching for Spring/Easter too, going for some MSherry designs! :)

What a nice surprise :D That design is very pretty, beautiful project that you have there!!!

I hope this new month will bring you lots of joy and good things! It's time for spring, sun, good energy, positive ideas! :)
Wishing you the best sweetie =)
Good luck on achieving your new goals! :D
Hugs to you!!!

Marion zei

Annette wat heb je afgelopen maand veel gedaan en de komende maand krijg je het ook nog druk als ik al je plannen lees.
Je hebt een mooi pakket uitgekozen en ik wens je er veel succes en plezier mee.

Lieve groetjes van Marion

Anoniem zei


I love your snowdrop heart it's lovely.

The blue owl for Noah is great and Panda Days is so sweet.

Great pic of the children in the snow at the top of your blog.

Good luck with your March Goals.

Dyanna zei

Hello hello Annette, my dear

I do not know how I miss you !! Have being far away ... Sometimes I take a look... but today I wanted to leave you a few words!!
Big kiss my dear and you can see my month was terrible on the crafting department...but the luck will change !!

For you and as far as we all can see, you have being very very busy !!!
The cute !!! Adorable
Have a nice March with a lot of family time, crafting time, friends time and the good time spent.

Big kiss bigger than usual

Katrien zei

I already read a lot of good reviews of Yiotas.

Great job on reaching your goals!

Hetti zei

Het gaat je aardig af met al die doelen voor het einde van de maand!! De sneeuwklokjes zijn enig en de borduurwerken ook. Leuk om het vogelhuis te borduren, het is echt een kadootje,

Fijn weekend en groetjes,

Doni zei

That owl is just adorable!! I can see why Noah loves it so much. :)

Good luck on your March goals, I'm sure you'll meet them all!

Thuis Thuis zei

Wat een leuke blog.
Zulk mooi handwerk, en ideeën.
Ik ga je volgen, wie weet doe ik nog meer op.
Groetjes Annette

Carla zei

You acomplished a lot on February! Hope this month you have even more finishes!
The yiotas kit you chose is pretty :)

Patty C. zei

Great progress on your goals !!
You've been busy ;)