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vrijdag 9 december 2011

The start of Christmas

Thank you all for your lovely comment about my kids... they made me :$ :$

Yes Sinterklaas is also really gone in my home.
And my Christmas things are growing in my living!!
The last 3 year I had branches above my dinner table, but dit it away after 3 year I was tired of it..
But what to do this year!
Kira loves grabs everything, so DH don't wanted a Christmas tree yet..
No Branches No Christmas tree.....mmm think :( :( :(..
After a lot of thinking this afternoon whent with Noah to the playground across and there is also a little soccer-playground with a lot of trees.. Trees that where cut..
To took some branches... and yes the branches are haning again above my table, but this time also in my front window
Two pic's of the branches in my front window... put there 20 light on battery in, and some transparant balls, and also some little snowmen and with little garlands... need to look at it for some day's maybe more need to be there.. Then also a big pic of my side window.. with Hello Kitty and Cars on the couch (sinterklaas presents)
And what is standing on my Television table...( the 20 light first where on the Etagere with the white balls)..
And you can see the still empty branches above my dinner table...

Then I have done a few stitches.
Part 3 of my Tweet Christmas SAL is doneI hope to finish this one togheter with the MS SAL before Christmas... I so like them!!

In my last post I forgot to show a pic of my Sinterklaas gift.. A crochet bookAll the yummmy yummy yummy I can bake, I now also can crochet... loved it... thank you Sinterklaas...

Today my sweet mailwomen came by and brought me something.... what will it be what will it be!!
Look at this
Sweet Miek and Nia send me these beautifull cards...
Miek wrote on it that I had token Noah's donut so she stitched a cookie for him...=)))
And look at that felt piece from Nia...
The both are such great crafters!! Jealous. =))))

Then I'm trying out a new kind of craft, That I did years ago by myself
I braided her her... TOO CUTE!!! =))) I'm trying to do it more often... I looks so cute!! so girlie girlie...

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

12 opmerkingen:

♥ Nia zei

ohhh Kira's hair looks adorable!! what a cutie =)))))))
You were the first one to receive my card!! You even got it first than my portuguese friends hahahaha Yesterday was a holiday so no mail service, they will get my card on Monday for sure ;)

When Carol was little, my SIL put the tree but with ornaments only where Carol couldn't reach eheheh the bottom of the tree was empty of ornaments! hahahah
You have a little village :) I love those things!!

that books looks so cool!! :D I have some great cakes do 'bake' ;) Can't wait to see your crochet!!

Enjoy yhe weekend!! hugs&smiles

sofietjes handwerken zei

heel erg mooi allemaal annette.
En is kira haar haar al zolang dat je het kan vlechten amai.
Groetjes sofie

Vinniey zei

Kira is so cute! (LOL) Nice crochet book! and I love your christmas decoration. My christmas was damage by my younger daughter last year, she love to pull and push the tree, the tree fall on the floor many time together with the lights and ornaments! So no christmas tree today also. :) Maybe I will buy a taller tree next year. I love your christmas SAL too.

Saskia zei

leuk zo die takken, heb je toch nog iets van boom in je huis.

kira's haar is zoooo leuk met die vlechtjes, handige mama

veel plezier nog met je kerstsal, niet teveel kletsen maar doorprikken, hihi

Dyanna zei

oh oh oh

Helo helo Annette,
Today I made my Cristmas House =)

What a gifts you received !!! You deserve them !!!
And Kira ... so so so sweet and cute =)

Big kiss Annette and have a good sunday

Carol zei

Oh, how sweet is Kira's new hairdo--just darling, Annette! You see, I missed out on doing things like that with only sons :)

I love your branches in the front window--what a great idea... Enjoy all those Christmas preparations with the kids. I assume you'll be baking lots of cookies?

miek zei

zo zie je maar, zeg maar nee, dan krijg je twee takken in huis lol.
wat lijkt Kira een grote meid met dat haar zo!
en ik ben het met Saskia eens, goed door werken he!hahhahahha

Doni zei

Kira's braids are adorable! Very good job! Your Christmas decoration are so pretty too! I haven't done any decorating yet, I guess I better get busy. haha!

Nima zei

oh...kira looks too cute in that hair do...i can imagine the condition of christmas tree when a curious todler is at home...enoy the season...Annette...i love the way you decorated the branches..

Hetti zei

Je hebt het goed opgelost met de mooie kersttakken, tja kleine handjes.....:-))
Het is al echt een kerstsfeer in je huis tot en met Kira's haar aan toe! Staat haar heel leuk!

Lumiruusu zei

Hello Annette!
I also loke a lot of Kiras new hair-style :)
The crocheting-pattern book looks so very cute :)

Lovely pictures here as usually...

Katrien zei

o wow, Kira's hair is beautiful! I don't think Jelena would sit still long enough to braid it.
Great gift from Sinterklaas, can't wait to see what you'bake' from it :)