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vrijdag 2 december 2011

Some stitches

Most of the things I'm making I still can't show for Sinterklaas.. wait a few more days..
But they are all finished, did the last part this evening, so next week when Sinterklaas is back home in spain, the pic's are to see on my blog.
Then can start on the things for January... busy.... many things to make, and I also wanne try to make some thing for Christmas, but still don't know If I have the time for it Because Kira her First B-Day will be in January and the house will change from white to PINK/RED for a few days... (can't wait)...=)))) But let if leave for a few weeks still... It's going to fast already..

This last week I have done a few stitches and done some crochet (It's almost Midnight so dark and bad time to take a pic)

Then this week I got it on my hips, as we say in here in Holland.
That means when you want something to do, you do it straight away... I have that some (MANY) times. ... DH gets very afraid when that happens... never know what will :)
I wanted to change my living a bit, so did... changes the toys for the kids, the furniture and my front window..
My hydrangea in my front window where almost dead, so put them away in the garden and put the plants from my back window in front ( now need to look for some new plants back window is empty ( oke a big lie my sewing machine and some sewing stuff is in it LOL =)))))))
This is what I did with my front windowIf you can see the sun was shining that morging ( having two days of rain now).
Those hearts are my crochet heart!!
I love the way it looks..
And my zwarte pieten are still hanging above my plants.. the hydrangea's where a bit smaller so you could see them better, but in a few days they are moving to a box again, so I let them hang..

That was my quick post! I'm of to bed It just turned midnight!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

10 opmerkingen:

Saskia zei

hey hey, het zou geen nachtwerk worden bij jou, foei!

ziet er leuk uit zo in je raam en ik ben zoooooo benieuwd wat je allemaal gaat doen voor die kleine dame haar verjaardag

miek zei

nou dat verbaast me hoor, dat alles rose wordt in januari!
heb gelukkig de juiste kleur gekozen voor kado hihihihi,net wat je zei op mijn blog,jaja, de moeder houd van rose!;-)
je borduurwerk is leuk en ben benieuwd naar de sint kadootjes.

Ranae zei

The blue bird is looking so sweet.
The white and pink squares look like a little girly WIP
Take care!!

Annie zei

"in on my hips" -- that's a new one for me. But looks like you were as good as your word. Love those hearts!

Vinniey zei

From crafting to house decoration. Looks like you are having a very busy month. Your christmas stitching piece is beautiful and cute. Love the colors in it. Your window is beautiful and so cozy. I love purple hydrangea. Saw it in Ikea just now but didn't buy one. I think I will buy one if I go there again.

♥ Nia zei

Sinterklaas! It's tomorrow!!! December 5th, right? :D Time runs so fast!!! Oh my...
I love your tweet christmas :) And white/pink crochet looks adorable!
"got ir on my hips" learning something new :D
ohhhh lovely decoration!! Your window looks so pretty :) I don't have windows on my house, really, every room has big glass doors, no windows :p weird, isn't it? But it's nice, I have lots of light and I love that :)
Crochet hearts look so perfect!! I have good taste and nice eye for home deco ;)
Huge hug to you my friend!!! Have a great Sunday :D

Carol zei

I can't believe little Kira will be one in January--where has the year gone, Annette?!! Such a cute stitched piece and your pink and white crochet looks great as well.

Love the expression "got it on my hips!" My mom was like that--she was constantly having us help her rearrange her furniture and redecorate her rooms... too funny. Your end result looks great :)

Hetti zei

Je bent weer druk geweest Annette, maar het ziet er allemaal leuk uit en je kamer ook ;-))

Gezellige Sinterklaas!!

Marion zei

Annette, het nieuwe gedeelte van de kamer ziet er heel mooi uit.
Ik ben benieuwd naar de Sint-kado'tjes.
Ik wens je een leuke en gezellige Sinterklaas toe samen met de kid's

Groetjes van Marion

Doni zei

Oh, the Tweet Christmas cross stitch is adorable!!

And I love the picture of your window with the sun shining thru, and the beautiful crochet hearts!

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your projects you did for Sinterklass! :)