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dinsdag 27 december 2011

Beware!!! long post

I hope everyone had a great Christmas..
Some of you may have recieved a package from me, from a few I didn't hear if they arrived it yet.. but I hope they will soon.
I wanted to send all my blog friends something, but that would mean making a lot of gift.. I didn't had the time..
So if you don't got something.. We have a whole new year in a few days.. maybe you will be the lucky one for a little RAK!!
About the gift..
This is what I made =)))

I can tell you it was so hard to choose, who to send.. I had more then 30 names!!
So sorry for the ones who didn't get something

Last week on school, all the parents made a Christmas piece, this is what we maked It was a little candle so it was a short burning candle, but ow so beautifull. Noah loved the train in it. We did a beautidull work =)))

I will show you all a bit of our Xmas days.

The day of Christmas eve, Dh had to work, so I took the kids to a indoor playground. They had so much fun, Noah found a girl and off he was playingKira was very afraid at start, but after a while see had so much fun.

In the evening Dh was at home, and I made a yummy dinner..
We started with the entree : mozzarella with tomatoes and bacon Don't think we are alone here.. the kids also sat at our table, I needed to put there plates on table
The kids eat pancakesAnd as you see, our main course was also on the table, DH had lamb steak and I had four types of fish, with potato croquettes and lettuce.
And as dessert I made a jummy Chocolami, it's a chocolate sausage...mmmmmmmm
The first day of Christmas we want to the woodstoo take a nice walk.. kids had so much fun.. it was busy in the woods
In the evening we went to my father for dinner, Dh had to work this time in the evening

The second day of Christmas..DH was at home!!!!! we went to family.
I made the Christmas outfits for today I made Kira a cute little dress, I made the pattern the most myself, I so love this old basic pattern, I bought a red shirt and dark blue tights for it..
For Noah I made a black pants and from the same fabric as the Kira's dress a vest..
I bought a white blouse with cute!!! =)))))
For myself I made a dress and a red jacket.

I'm so sorry I forgot too made pic's with us wearing the clothes, this is all I have of that beautifull and great day but it's still winter so we will wear it again..

In this busy month I lost my stitching MOJO..
But I do have a crochet MOJO.
I have done a bit on Kira's blanker, It has now 42 granny's squares.. I have put it on Kira's bed.. and the good news is I'm hald way there... the bad news.. need to make another 42 squares I have done almost a year over 42.. I will try not to do the smae with the other 42..
Cute Noah as for a blue one ( I had already had it in my mind for months.. so a busy year is coming agian.. lol

Look what I bought last week.. I'm having so much joy of it!!

I hope you all liked my long Xmas post..
I'm not back before the New Year So I wanne wish you all


That it will be a year of many creativity, health and joy

Till next year =)))

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

15 opmerkingen:

Daffycat zei

I am just thrilled to be one of your lucky friends, Annette! Thank you so much for the lovely ornament. Now, I will think of you every time I decorate my Christmas tree!

Annie zei

Such a fun celebration with all that crafty goodness and family time.

Thanks you so much for letting me be one of the recipients of your special hearts!

Have a wonderful New Year!

Nima zei

so good to see all the awesome stuff you made for christmas...may god bless you and give you a beautiful 2012. Wishing you a ahappy New year

Unknown zei

Het feestje ziet er supergezellig uit en wat een mooie kleren heb je wel niet gemaakt. Ook de theelichthouder vind ik super.

Unknown zei

Olala, je hebt het druk gehad !!

De kleertjes zijn super, de hartjes zijn super, je lantaarntje is ook super !

Alles is super ;-)

En een binnenspeeltuin is in het begin zo overweldigend... maar zoooo fijn voor de kids om in te spelen !

Hopelijk had je een geweldige kerstmis, ik wens je een prachtig nieuw jaar toe annette !!

(geef je me nog details over de knoopjes voor Kira haar memorie bord?)

Saskia zei

jammie jammie, je eten ziet er lekker uit.

wat is dat lantaarntje leuk, is idd anders dan degene die ik gezien heb. die was veel groter

wat kunnen ze zich lekker vermaken he, in zo'n binnenspeeltuin
we zullen hier de bak met duplo straks eens opzoeken...

tot morgen

Carol zei

Not only do you make holidays so fun and festive for your own family, Annette, but you have spread your joy all around the world!! I truly love my little heart ornament and am especially touched that you chose to do mine in blue--my favorite color...

Love the photos of the food, the kids in the woods and playing at the gym--looks like your Christmas was special indeed.

Great job on all of the clothes you made, too--I'm in awe!! Can you please send me half of your energy for the new year :)


miek zei

hallo Annette, ik wens jullie allemaal een fijn jaar toe met vele creatieve uitbarstingen waar wij de vruchten van mogen plukken.
(dat schreef hetti weleens in boeken die ze me voor mijn verjaardag of kerst gaf, het is maar een hint he!)

Katrien zei

What lovely ornies you made, I'm sure those lucky ones appreciate them.
The christmas piece looks beautiful, well done. And the clothes, you must all have looked gorgeous in them.

Alvast gelukkig nieuwjaar, een gezond en creatief 2012!

Valma zei

maybe a long post but an adorable one :D
you did a great job before Xmas !
wonderful family ♥♥♥

Dyanna zei

Hello hello Annette

I had so many ideas to do on this Xtmas but I just did a fews things ... oooohh :-(

When I was little, me, my mother and father made Xmas pieces to decorate our house. This year I made a promise to my mother that I will do her a Xmas piece to put on her door.
It is so very important to do this kind of things with the children !!!

uuuuhhh The Playground ... uuuhh the fantasy world, the amasing fun world for the children with a lot of possibilities to have fun =)

And a special dinner for the adults. I know that Kira and Noah were there but was always a special dinner, I think

I am sure that all of you clothes look very good !!

I love this MOJO (I did not know that Mojo was the name...) but I love it and on a child room I think that looks so beautifull !!
Luck for the missing part =) of the Mojo

Annette Happy New Year for all of you too with a lot of achievements !!
Big kiss my dear and see you next year !!!

Carla zei

Looks like you had a great Christmas!!! Love the outfits you made!!
May 2012 be full of happiness, love and success! Happy New Year"!!

♥ Nia zei

I have one!! I have one!! And I love my white and blue heart =))))
Once again, thank you sweetie :D
And something you don't know yet, next year I want to had blue color to my white and red Christmas decor! ehehhe perfect heart! :D

chocolate sausage?! I'm curious to eat that! ahahahha Will you make one when I go to the Netherlands visit you?? :D

you made all those clothes?!?! How great!!! :D Congrats sweetie!!! Great job :)

I hope you'll find your stitching mojo soon!! =)
Have a great year sweetie!! May all your wishes come true for 2012 :D

♥ Nia zei

Happpy New Year!!! :D

Doni zei

Great post Annette! It was so fun seeing all your projects and the pictures of Noah and Kira. The outfits you made are amazing and I hope you post pictures of all of you wearing them. And the dinner you made! Wow! I am always in awe of all your talents and how much you accomplish!

Have a Happy New Year and I hope you get your stitching mojo back soon! :)