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zondag 6 november 2011

Who know's is the word in this post

I hope you all had a great Halloween, I had to work, and the kids are a bit to small.. but Maybe next year we celebrate it to... who knows ;)

I made some more pumpkins just in time... this almost needs to make room for the next Holiday Sinterklaas (Sint Nicolaas) and then Christmas, but first pumpkins, mushrooms and a leaf

Aren't they cute... next year I'm going to make more.. I love the patterns.. but maybe in the next weeks also... who knows ;)

Then started already on a Christmas felt craft
I'm not that satisfied with my cutting but that will change I hope... who knows ;P

At the moment it's Kreadoe the biggest hobby fair of the Netherlands.
Yesterday my MIL and I went to it..
We had a great day, we saw a LOT of great and new crafts techniqes, we where having so much fun with looking and talking about it that we didn't get the change to see it all or follow any workshop... So next year we are going back.
At the Kreadoe I also met Saskia and her lovely daughter Dominique.
and I made some gift for themI know saskia her badroom is purple, and Dominique, just got a new bedroom this week and it's red/blue/white and she loves owls, and when I saw this pattern on Ravelry I needed to make it for her. They both loved it so I'm happy ;):):):)
And I;m panning to make more... but who know's :P
I also bought/got lovely crafts from the fairI still didn't had a lamp hanging in my hallway (only a ugly lightbulb) I'm looking for THE lamp for years and I found it on the fair... a craft lamp... which I can change with my mood... lol. I have made pic's with the light on and off.. I can make it in 10 different shapes. I forgot the make a pic of the pieces, but it are 30 pieces... if you google Lampada Romantica you can see a lot of different piece, end with a differnt color lamp in it it will be a different lamp... I LOVE IT!!!!
Also you see a little pic of a box and a scissor.. The box are all kinds of shapes that I can use to decorate my cupcakes, and the scissor is for cutting felt... So I hope my next try will be better with this great new scissor..
Many new ideas, many new things I wanne try.. so who knows =))))

Then I've been making 2 memoboards.. but only have one on a pic.. Kira is sleeping and I forgot to make when when it was done (not completly :() But I have the one of Noah finally on a pic (but this one was done already a few months ago)
But last week we finally hang it up in his room You see it need a lot more crafts... but the start is there... see the cute little airplane.. lol... It was hanging on his lamp but it fell...
This memoboard still need buttons... But that will come with his time.. I'm loving it how it is now.. lol... Also for Kira I need to think about buttons (PINK)..
And I saw so many great patterns yesterday so .... who knows ;):)

That the end of this long post..
I just updated al my blog/clubs reading... It was a big job, didn't had many time last days... You all make so many beautifull things.. Love watching them..
Keep on going and .... who knows... wat we make more

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!

I love reading them!!

♥ Have a great day ♥

13 opmerkingen:

Katrien zei

ziet er allemaal terug prachtig uit.

Carol zei

I'm always amazed at how many creations you make each week, Annette with work and raising two young children!! Your little pumpkins and toadstools are adorable...You'll have to crochet a tiny gnome to live under one of the toadstools :)

Your new lamp is so neat!! I've never seen anything like that--what fun to be able to change it into different shapes...

Darling memo boards--I've always meant to do one myself--Mr. Noah is looking very grown up in his school picture there!!

sofietjes handwerken zei

wow annette heel erg mooi gemaaakt allemaal.
En ik hoop in september ook terug naar hobbybeurs in mechelen terug te gaan is zo leuk he.
Groetjes sofie

Saskia zei

hey meis, was echt leuk om je gister even te zien en we waren zeker heel blij met je mooie kadootjes. ze hangen even aan de deurklinken van de slaapkamers tot we een goed plekje hebben gevonden.

wat ziet je herfstgebeuren er super uit en zo ook noah's memobord.

knuf voor de kids

Nima zei

hats off to you...the multitasking girl...keep up..

i love the cute little mushrooms and pumkins...and the owl is deadly cute...Love the idea of memo board for kids..

Annie zei

Wow-- so many cute things. You really have been busy.

I love the lamp. Sometimes you can find such great one-of-a-kind items at craft fairs! zei

ooohhhh Annette wat mooi weer allemaal , ik ben ook gek op die kleine haakwerkjes maar ben daar niet zo goed in :p ! Ook de lamp en het memo bord , wat maak je toch mooie dingen .....

Hetti zei

Wat is het weer leuk om te zien en lezen waar je mee bezig bent geweest Annette. Geen wonder dat je geen tijd hebt om te bloggen ;-))
De pompoenen en uiltjes zien er helemaal te gek uit en de lamp is ook enig!

miek zei

wat een leuke dingen allemaal, en nieuwe hobbys erbij, zoooo gevaarlijk hahaha.

Vinniey zei

Oh my.. Your crocheted pumpkins and mushrooms are too cute! What a beautiful autumn display. Cute little crocheted gifts for your friend, too. Your christmas felt craft are just lovely and gorgeous as well! Annette, you always had many beautiful crafts to show on each of your post; they are all so inspiring and so creative! Beautiful lamp craft you've found. It's romantic feel. :) I love it too. Noah's memoboard is beautiful and I can't wait to see Kira's pink memoboard.

Doni zei

Wow Annette, you always amaze me with all the projects you complete! You truly can do it all! haha! That little mushroom is especially cute, and the memory board is such a great idea! :)

Unknown zei

zo moooooi allemaal !!

Je herfststukje is fantastisch... die pompoentjes (vooral dat witte is toch echt wel dottig) en je paddestoeltjes. Zo mooi !

Je kerststukje is ook heel mooi, ik weet niet waarom je niet tevreden bent? Ziet er super uit, toch?

En dan dat uiltje !! Cuuuuute !!

En die lamp !!

Gosh, waar haal je de tijd toch ;-)

♥ Nia zei

Christmas is coming!!!!! :D
I love the crochet pumpkins but the mushroom is so cute too!! I love red and cute mushrooms =)
wow!! that lamp is amazing!!! :D "Lampada Romantica" those are portuguese words!! LOL
Very cool board!! :)
Hugs&Smiles to you my sweet friend
And a very sweet kiss for your babies :)