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zaterdag 12 november 2011

Sinterklaas has arrived =))))

Today Sinterklaas has arrived with his boat in the Netherlands.
For the new followers I try to explain what Sinterklaas is

Sinterklaas (Sint Nicolaas) is an old and very friendly man (just like Santa Claus). We celebrate his B-day on 5th of December (in Belgium on the 6th).
Sinterklaas has many helpers they are called Zwarte Piet (zwart = black, they have black faces).
Every year he comes with his boat half off November from Spain where he lives.
He has a big book, with al the childrens names in it, and there is written if you where a sweet and good child. If so, he comes on the night of 5 December with his Horse Americo on the rooftops together with the Zwarte pieten, to put gifts in the chimney.
He likes to give instead of receiving gifts for his Birthday.
From the time that he arrives till 5 December he can recive all the lists that the Children sent him with what they like to get.
Also in this time he visits al the towns and city's, here he will come in two weeks.
In the week before you can put your shoe before the chimney our backdoor, if you put a carrot or sugur cubes for Americo, you will get a little gift or Sinterklaas candy, also you can put drawing and all kinds of things and you wish list in your show..
In many growsery stores you also can put your shoe also on schools

It's a Holiday expecially for children and so much fun... Still I love it..
The not so nice thing about it is, that when children get around 8 year, they will find out that Sinterklaas is not real, and that's not so great, but still you can enjoy it then in a other way by making gits for each other and make it in a surprise.

For me the most fun thing is ... I can make my own decoration... lol
Yesterday I got it all from the attic, and I have little bit a Sinterklaas house

From the things I made last year I made photo's, here they come

On the left you see my felten Zwarte Pieten, they are now hanging in my front window, the paper craft are hanging on Noah his window, and I made those little gifts and carrots.

With Sinterklaas we also have many yummy yummy candy, and one of it is pepernoten or also called kruidnoten... they are so yummy.
I made a wreath with it last your, put al the pepernoten on it with glue, and as you can see it survived

And this is how it's on my table
It's a bit boring, but I hope to change that.

I have not much to show.. I'm busy making Sinterklaas gifts for my nephew's and Noah and Kira.. After Sinterklaas I can show them to you... so be patient, It's worth it =))))

I have one little pic to show... I made 3 more hearts with crochet On the 6th of Decemer Sinterklaas will go back to spain and then it's time for the Christmas decoration... so a lot more to show then..
Have a great week, I need to work alot so not much time to craft

We are now busy counting the days till Sinterklaas will give us gifts... we are very sweet

Here Noah stripes the

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!
♥ Have a great day ♥

16 opmerkingen:

Saskia zei

oooooo wat zijn je sintknustels leuk zeg.
succes met alle sintknutsels, ben benieuwd naar de eindresultaten.

Annie zei

Such a fun time in the Netherlands! And just made for a crafter like you! zei

Ach Annette wat leuk je sinterklaas knutsels , het is zo'n heerlijke tijd voor de kinderen !! Die kruidnoten krans is echt wel een schitterend idee .... Dit wordt weer geneieten voor onze bengeltjes ;) !

sofietjes handwerken zei

Wat leuk he annette sinterklaas.
Hier komt de sint aan volgende zaterdag in de stad.
En ik ben thuis in de middag dus ga eens kijken denk ik als het niet te koud is.
Groetjes sofie

noofs zei

Moeilijk om Sinterklaas uit te leggen aan niet Nederlanders hè? Ik woonde drie jaar in een ander land, heb het geprobeerd maar het is nooit helemaal gelukt. Wel vonden ze gelukkig alle lekkers en kadootjes leuk. En gezelligheid daar gaat het om. Ik wens je een onvergetelijk sinterklaasfeest!

miek zei

leuke sint dingen heb je gemaakt.
tip, als je de krans met blanke lak bestrijkt dan gaat hij nog langer mee en kan je hem afstoffen.
ja, afstoffen, dat doen brave moeders nu sint in het land is,hahaha.

Vinniey zei

Looks like you'll very busy till Sinterklaas. Your Sinterklaas crafts are beautiful and creative! It's such a great time for the kids. :)

Doni zei

Loved hearing about your Sinterklaas Annette! :) And your crochet hearts are so pretty!

Carol zei

Oh,I'll bet Noah is just so excited!! I'm sure he's being an extra good little boy so Sinterklaas will bring him nice gifts :)

Lumiruusu zei

Hello Annette!
Thank you for the visiting my blog again!!
I just love the story of Sinterklaas as well as other versions we have in European countryes about "Saint Nicolaus".
In our Finish Language here is called "Joulupukki" and he lives at Lapland.

♥ Nia zei

This is so interesting!! :)
Why Spain? Why does Sinterklaas live in Spain??? :p ehehehheeh
Very similar to Santa.. does that mean that there's no Santa in the Netherlands? Or do you have both? (if you do I want to move to the Netherlands right away! I want gifts twice!! hahahha)
Nope.. on 6th December Sinterklaas goes to Belgium first, only then back to Spain ;) LOL
I love that wreath! Can I eat it??? hahaahha
That really sounds fun for the kids! :D Kira is probably too little yet but Noah, I bet Noah is very excited! :D

I'm making progress on my crochet classes! I learn how to make wrist warmers (or fingerless gloves) it's so cool! I never expected to have so much fun with crochet!

Have a great week sweetie!!

Mylene zei

Heel leuke kreaties voor sinterklaas. Hij komt hier op de haven komende zaterdag....

Katrien zei

Die worteltjes en de cadeautjes zijn zooo schattig. Leuke knutsels! Lol, Sinterklaas kwam ook in België aan per boot uit Spanje op 12 november, hoe doet hij dat toch ;-)

Nima zei

so nice to read about Sinterklaas...i love the cute little crochet heart

Carla zei

Love your Zwarte Piet hanging :)

I was in The Netherland in 2005 during was lovely :)

Dyanna zei

Hello hello Annette, my dear

Ooooh so sweet Noah's counting down and the child dream =) it is so nice to be a little child !!

Big kiss Annette and have a nice week