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donderdag 5 mei 2011

I got RAK'd, finished chicken and fabric balls

So I'm sitting down.. the kids are in bed, I water the plants inside and outside, mop the floor, sorted out my pictures, so here starts my post ;)

All pics can be clicked to enlarge!!

First of all, I got such a lovely package with the mail.
Jane from Buttons & Stitches send me such a beautifull RAK :) !!!!!
It was a big suprise, it was a bit longer on his way to me then she hoped for.. but I got it!
One chcolate is missing it's in teh yellow tray, Noah got it before I saw it!!
She sended it the 15th of April, and I got it 2 days ago...
But just today I got a card in the mailbox, that my in-laws sended on the 12th of February from Mexico..
I think the mailman has problems finding my

Jane thank you so much for this beautifull RAK, we all loved it.:)

My crochet chicken is finally done .. It was such a great project to work on, next year with Easter it will shine om my table!!!
This weekend going to work a bit on Kira's blanket and them I think Monday will start on my new project!

Also did a bit of sewing. I sewed 10 fabric balls. I'm trying to improve them... It's working a bit lol :)

My plants in the garden are slowly coming in bloom, so made a picture of them. I'm so enjoying this time of the year.. we have a lot of sun, a bit windy, so you need a coat or sweater. And everything is getting in bloom, I'm getting not only green colors in my garden, but also red, pink, yellow..

In doors most of the plant colors are white and green, my favorite colors with plants.. Also made a collage of themAnd I just see I forgot a few plants, but they are only green one..

As you know Noah loves making photo's, When I just was looking throw my pics I saw a lot that where not made by me..hihi...
Most of the time I'm unaware that he's taking pics...
As I'm addicted to making collages, made one of Noah's pics

So my emailbox is full, so I'm going to try to get it empty!!

I wanna thank everyone for visiting my blog and especially everyone who leaves a comment!!
I love reading them!!

14 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

That chicken is just too funny!

Lainey zei

Lovely RAK from your friend and the fabric balls are so pretty.
That is the cutest Chicken ever...

Pauline zei

Yessssssssss! You did it!!
Knap van je hoor, viel echt niet mee, dat slechte patroon, maar je hebt er een erg leuke kip van gemaakt.
Ze zijn allemaal uniek geworden he?
Ook leuk is wat je allemaal al hebt gemaakt en laat zien aan de zijkant!
Echt een heleboel schattige dingen!

Patty C. zei

I'm glad you received such a lovely RAK -
Your Chicken is adorable !!

Saskia zei

YES, het is je gelukt met de kip, SUPERRRRRR!!!! En ook je leuke balletjes!
Hoop vandaag ook weer eens naald en draad in de hand te kunnen nemen, loopt giga achter.
Toen we gister thuiskwamen hier ook meer en meer bloemen in de tuin dan een paar dagen ervoor.


miek zei

hahahaaaahahaa, ik moet in eene denken aan dat ik zei dat Noah zo verschrikkelijk op jou lijkt hahaha
sorry, maar ik vind het erg vermakelijk.
je kip is fantastisch, wat een werk zeg, super!
je ballen zijn erg kleurig,dat zullen Noah en Kira wel leuk vinden om mee te spelen.
Picasa gaat je goed af, het worden leuke collage`s.

Carla zei

Love the chicken!!!
Your babies are so cute...a send a big hug to them!

Mylene zei

What a lovely RAK and ohhhh the chicken is just too cute.

♥ Nia zei

Such a lovely package you got from Jane! That bunny pillow is so adorable =)

uhuuuu! Happy dance for the Chicken! :D LOL
Looks so awesome! I love it!!! :D Now the Chicken needs little yellow chicks under the wing ;) heheheh

Your flowers look very pretty :)
This weather is so weird =/ the flowers resent themselves with these weather changes! One day hot, one day cold, one day Sun, one day rain.. here the weather is really unstable =(

Noah needs to lift his arms a little more heheeh to cut less heads ;) but he's getting there! lol

Have a great weekend sweetie! Enjoy your kids and craft a lot :D zei

ach die kip is zo schattig , echt wel een heel mooi patroon ! je balletjes vind ik ook wel leuk ...en Noah maakt al prachtige foto's dat belooft ;)

Katrien zei

gefeliciteerd met je RAK, de chocolaatjes zien er lekker uit :)

De stoffen balletjes zien er heel leuk uit. En je kip is fantastisch goed gelukt, dat zal voor een mooi Pasen zorgen volgend jaar.

Doni zei

Annette, that chicken is SO cute! You did a great job on it! I also love the fabric balls. Noah and Kira will have fun playing with them. :)

Lumiruusu zei

WEhat a great RAK you get !!
I totally fell in love with with the margaret Sherry Easter designes on cross stitcher..Ihad the private swap to Kirsi already started and I was about to start stitch the Bling-Bling Swap...
si I knew I could not to sart anything more..
Maybe next spring I stitch one of those cute little rabbits :)

The fabric- balls you have sew are so lovely !!
Are you celebrating
the Mothers Day in Netherlands?
We have had that lovely day today.
I get a white rose and a pair of funny shoes :)

Marion zei

Annette wat ben je weer druk geweest en wat een mooie spulletjes heb je gemaakt. Die kippen zijn geweldig en de ballen zijn leuk speelgoed voor Noah en Kira.

Heel veel groetjes van