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donderdag 6 januari 2011

All kinds of stuff

So my contraction are gone thankfully, I can do a bit more.
I have done a few stitches on my Lizzie Kate SAL. July is finished and made a start on August: Also have finished my secret piece, it's finished and on mail. When the quilt is done I show a pictures.

My beautifull crochet piece the candle basket is also done.. I so love how it looks like:
So romantic.... every night we light the candles!!

I'm also have been working on a gift for Noah to treat on his school for when I GIVE birth:
It's a paperbasket with his photo on it, on one side the other side Hurray!! I'm a big brother. In it I will put raisins with the name of the baby, that's the blue and pink papers... oooo on the pink I saw the name, sorry still a surprise for maybe a few more weeks!!!!!

Today put away all my last Christmas decoration (not much was there more...). And put my beautifull table-cloth on the table, a few years back I got this for my B-day from a good friend who bought it in Spain.. It totally handmade and I love it so much.
I always have a plastic table-cloth above it, but is was full with holes, from Noah en my crafting, so DH bought a new one and my beautifull cloth is protected again..
We both so love it, and it's white so perfect for my new decoration!!
Also got my beautifull orchid from behind the curtain on the table. It was dead for a year but last week when I looked there where all new flower buds, can't wait to see it with beautifull flowers again. White flowers!!!
Some of you will know I work in a nursinghome. Many years ago we had a women with al kinds of beautifull orchids on her room and everytime I needed to help her I talked about that I so love them. When she past away her husband came to me and brought me to her room, he and his wife had decided that I was the first to choose a flower to take home, because of that I loved them so much, I choose this beautifull one. Now it will give me flowers for the tirth time... can't wait to see them...

I wanna thank every-one who visits my blog. I saw I have some new visitors. Welcome
Also a big thank for the lovely comments..
Till next time


12 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Glad the false alarm is over!

Love all your pretty things. The crocheted light holders look very dramatic! The cute little favors for Noah's friends are going to be a big hit! And that's a sweet story about the orchids.

Saskia zei

Wat schattig zo die kaarsjes zeg en de traktatie ziet er goed uit hoor. Ik ga van het weekend alvast beginnen met al die paardenhoofdjes knippen....


sofietjes handwerken zei

amai annette dat is allemaal heel erg mooi.
en die voorweeen ik denk dat dat niet echt plezant moet zijn.
ik heb dat niet aan de hand gehad met julie dus kan ik het niet weten.
Groetjes sofie

Ginnie zei

Your July square is lovely, I have done these also. I have just a couple of months to finish then I have all 12 !

Anoniem zei

Hoi Annette,

Word wel spannend intussen!

Die cyclamen zijn mooi he! Vooral de witte. Ik heb er ook verschillende. Telkens komen ze weer opnieuw in bloei!

Fijn weekend, groetjes Thea

Katrien zei

your LK looks great, I'm going to start August too.
The treats for Noah's school look great, he's going to be such a proud big brother :)
Hopefully you want to be having too much false contractions any more, but at 38 weeks it's okay for the baby to come, isn't?; I gave birth at 38+6 :)

Lumiruusu zei

You have done great proggres with
Lizzie kate pattern.
The sory about orchid were very sweet..and I just love your

Lainey zei

Your LK is looking great Annette and the tablecloth is beautiful.
I love the treat bag for Noah and his friends.
Thanks for sharing the sweet story about your Orchids.
Hope you are getting plenty rest before the baby arrives. Hugs!

peertje zei

Hi Annette,

What a lovely things you've made. I've tried crochet a lot of times, but it isn't really my thing, I only can go straight on :-(
Have you also made a little hat for the (almost) newborn?
What a beautyful tablecloth, I understand why you're so proud of it and want to protect it.
Cute little bags you've made for Noah, and what will he be such a proud big brother!!!
All sorts of plants I've tried, also the easy-ones, all are dead within 6 months, but orchids will stay, I have 6 of them now for almost 2 years with flowers, I'm soooo proud of myself, I LOVE them.

As I've heard (and overcame me my 2 pregnancies) most times the baby will be born 1 week after the first serious pre-contractions... Hopefully everything will go smooth and well, without any problems. You go girl!!!

Greetings and love from Huizen,

Ziggyeor zei

Congratulations on your new little one. I bet the treat bags will be a big hit at the school.

Lovely orchid.

Glad your boy is feeling better.

Sorry to hear about the passing of your Grandfather.

♥ Nia zei

Lovely and special orchid =)

Best wishes for you and your baby!! :D

Carol zei

How sweet of you to make the little treats for Noah's school friends. You must be getting so excited for the birth, Annette. I hope it is an easy one for you--can't wait to "meet" him or her :)