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donderdag 16 september 2010

Noah's birthday!!!

Yes yes today my little cute boy is turned into a big boy, he turned 2.
I'm so proud of him and love him so much.
Yesterday we started to make the cake, Noah always helps: This morning we decorated the cake, Noah so loves to eat the whipped cream: This year the cake turned out better then last year:

Noah loved all the attention and gifts he got.
I also have made a Bumba birthday hat, but forgot to take a photo because did not like it on his head...

I turned his whole birthday into BUMBA style as you can see on the cake.
This week I was very busy with making decoration for his birthday, I was planning it for a long time, but still wasn't in the mood, this week, I loved too craft it.

I made 6 of these:
And 6 of these:
It's on both side the same, and love how it turned out, because of the spiral it can turn. When Noah came downstairs this morning he was so glad to see it, he kept calling Bumba Bumba, he was so excited.
In de garden under the porch I wanted to have a sling, so Tuesday night I started it and about 2 and a half our later this was made: Can you see the lovely weather we are having!!!

Tomorrow is a BIG BIG day. It's the first time Noah is going to créche (is that right in Englisch for a two year old???). So he is a toddler now and every toddler need a toddler backpack.. I found this tutorial. But with fabric do I use.
I don't have any cool car fabric (don't like Disney Cars fabric for myself) or other boy fabric, here I can only find girly girly fabric, a lot of pink (yesterday been to the big fabric market only girly girly). Then I tought a friend gave me a jeans, which it to big for me.
So I decided to make this:Into this:

Noah loves wearing it

Also made this cute bunny again:
And a photo of Noah in his new PJ: The pants is a bit to big, but I love it so many PJ's will follow

So this week I made many thing, but havn't stitched.
Hope to do more next week.
I will let you now how Noah's first créche day was.
Saterday the big party of Noah's birthday, so a busy week ahead too.

Till next time and thank you al for stopping by and leaving a comment

17 opmerkingen:

Ranae zei

Happy 2nd Birthday!! Noah!!
Did he by any chance get any green boats??!! LOL
The jean bag is so cool, great job!

Annie zei

You are such a good Mom to give Noah all that attention and gifties. What a great birthday. Love, love, love the jeans backpack.

Happy Birthday to Noah!

Lainey zei

Happy, Happy, Birthday Noah!!!
Noahs birthday cake looks yummy and great decorations. Looks like he has had a great day.
You;ve got magic sewing fingers Annette that bag is awesome.

sofietjes handwerken zei

heel erg mooi allemaal gemaakt annette.
En wat een spannende dag gaat dat zijn voo noah morgen dan.
Tis te hopen dat hij goed overweg kan met de ander kindjes.
Groetjes sofie

Mylene zei

A happy happy Birthday to Noah! Looks like he's spoiled and enjoying it with the yummy cake and that absolutely great backback. I hope all goes well at the nursery school tomorrow.

kronova zei

gefelictiteerd met Noah's tweede verjaardag.
Hoe ging het op de creche? Wat een goed idee om de rugzak van een oude jeans te maken. Hij ziet er erg stoer uit.
groetjes van Kronova zei

Prachtige foto's Annette en voor Noah GEFELICITEERD en een heel gelukkige verjaardag ! Schitterend idee van die rugzak en ... je moet het kunnen ook natuurlijk ;) !Hopelijk gaat hij graag naar de creche , het is toch meteen een grote verandering voor zo'n mannetje ook al ziet hij er heel stoer uit ;) !!

Carla zei

Happy Birthday to little Noah!

Katrien zei

gelukkige verjaardag Noah!! De pyjama en rugzak zien er fantastisch, je bent echt getalenteerd!
Hopelijk viel de creche mee.

Daffycat zei

Happy 2nd birthday, Noah!

too_busy_to_stitch zei

Just love what you managed to do with those jeans :) Love that cake too - oh, you have made me crave cream cake, lol! Haven't had that for a long time!

Lumiruusu zei

Happy Birthday,Noah!
I love the decorations you made!
The backbag is amazing ,you are truly talented with your sewing-machine!!

About the flowers on my blog:
On the summertime I trye to do the flower-bunches by my-self but the most complicated ones are surely from flower-shop.
I have always dreamed to be a flower-shop owner and that is why I enjoy working something beautiful from the flowers :)

The Button Witch zei

Noel is very lucky to have such a clever Mummy very well done to you on all your creations xxxx

Carol zei

What a clever idea for a backpack! And I hope little Noah had a very special 2nd birthday :)

Veerle zei

Gefeliciteerd voor je jongen! Het gaat snel hé! Hoe gaat het verder met jou? Toch ook al aardig gevorderd in de zwangerschap.
Wat een super leuke rugzak heb je gemaakt zeg!! Heb je daar een beschrijving van? Ik ben net gestart met machinaal te naaien en ben vollop in de experimenteer fase en zie steeds meer leuke dingen. Je blog is een echte inspiratie!
De pyjama is ook echt leuke, assortie met de knuffel :-)

Terry zei

Love the backpack you made for Noah! So cute for a boy! Happy belated birthday Noah! Seems that you all had a wonderful time. Great cakes and I'm sure it was pure torture eating the leftovers....NOT! lol

♥ Nia zei

LOL!! Noah sitting on top of the glass ceramic really made me laugh :D too cute!!