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donderdag 23 september 2010

Noah go to school!

Every week Noah is going two times to school, he so loves it.
This is a pictures of him, last week just before his first day of school, with his backpack:

The whole day he calls 'children play fun, children play fun'. When I ask him if he whants to go to school, he calls very loud YES... Tonight just before going to bed I asked him, what are you going to do tomorrow.. he laughs and says SCHOOL...

Last Saterday we celebrated his birthday with the family, he was so happy, especially with all the lovely gifts he got. He had the day of his life.This is one of the gifts he got....with his name on it...

Ranae, I'm sorry he didn't get any green boots, but when his red ones are to small I'll try to find green ones

I also baked three cakes, 2 whipe cream and 1 apple:

For diner I made vegetable soup, two kinds of pasta and chocolate ice..
There was many left, So we at it a few days......It was no punishment especially not for the cake.....

I don't have any stitching or sewing update's, hope to have something next time

I wanne thank you all so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.
All you new follors, I love the idea that what I type is interesting, thank you so much for following me...

Hugs and till next time

7 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

It's so great when your kids like school. Hope that continues later when school means 'work' and not 'play'.

What a great birthday celebration. Those baked goods look so yummy!

Mylene zei

Good to hear Noah's enjoying his morning at the "peuterspeelzaal".

hmmmmm...yummy cakes! zei

ach Annette wat zijn ze vlug groot hè , Noah ziet er zo stoer en fier uit ! Gelukkig gaat hij graag , het is anders voor de mama ook niet leuk een wenend kind te moeten achterlaten ;) ! Hij heeft zeker een leuke verjaarag gehad wat zal hij genoten hebben !

Carol zei

What a fun birthday Noah had, Annette--I especially love his little wagon!

Katrien zei

Wat gaat het toch allemaal snel. Leuk dat hij het zo goed stelt op school.

Wendy zei

bedankt voor je leuke reactie op mijn blog !
ik heb heier even rondgeneust, en wat heb je weer een leuke dingen gemaakt !
en die foto´s van Noah zijn gewoon te schattig !

Gerda zei

Annette.... die Noah van jou is toch een heerlijk jochie.... wees maar blij dat hij het zo leuk vind op school!!!