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zaterdag 11 september 2010

I love love my new sewing machine..

But first my progress on Bumbalu. He got a friend now. The bird Kiwi and his best friend Bumba. It a large piece 150 x 200 stitches, but is going there: It's it cute!!

Noah is running out of PJ's, so started on my first piece on my sewing machine the One Size Fit Many baby/Toddler PJ pants from From An Igloo.
I have a lot of knit fabric so there shell me more of these:
I emailed her to asked with pattern she used for the top from Ottobre, and I have it thankfully, never crossed my mind to make it...hihi
So here is the top I made last night: I forgot to wash the fabric, so this morging in the washing machine and today we have a day with lovely weather, so it's hanging outside: Tonight Noah can wear it..

Last Fall I bought a few felt packages to make, started one but did not liked my outcome. It's fall again end they still where in the closet. So tryed another one to make. At on moment there was written to use the sewing machine, so tryed it and also made the festonstitch with the sewing machine:
And this is what it turned in to:

I'm not totally happy with it but for the first time it's lovely. It's hanging above the dinner table now, above Noah and he loves it.
Still hope to finish the piece I started last year but not for a while, too busy...

Noah was trying to help with cleaning the house this morning so he sat in his playbasket...
So my holiday is over, need to go to work in a hour.
Thanks all for the lovely comments about our photo and Noah.
Thanks for stopping by and hope you leave another lovely comment.

5 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Glad you are having such good luck with the new machine. Love that little felt guy!

Christine zei

LOVE your PJs Annette! I was wondering if that was you when I got your email!
Your little boy is such a cutie!

Lumiruusu zei

We are both now happy little ladyes -you with your new sewing-machine and me with my new camera :)
You have been really busy!
Great proggres with the Bumbalu -design ,and yes,it will be really large stitch!!
Noah´s new pj is so bright and nice -you are really good with the sewing-machine :)
The felted fairy-boy is so adorable I have no clue how to do one!
Noah is so busy with cleaning :)

too_busy_to_stitch zei

You are so talented with your new sewing machine! Lovely photos - what a gorgeous son you have!

Mylene zei

I so agree with Viv, you are doing great with the sewing machine. Your stitching is progressing well too. Have a lovely week despite all the rain we are having.