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donderdag 5 augustus 2010

Made baby presents!

Last weekend we celebrated the birthday of DH and I (mine isn't before next week). because we're both have our birtday in the summer, we celebrate it together.
I baked some lovely pie again:
Ice-cream pie

It's was a very fun party, the weather was a bit rainy we had a blast!!

I started crafting a few day's ago, It's getting better, don't need to do too much and to long.. I finished the bib for Yarah: I hope she likes it.

For the baby of my neighbor I was looking for inspiration, when I saw this I know what to make.
This was rolling out from my sewing machine: There a little bell inside
My neighbor loved it very much.
My colleague called this week that she had given birth to a baby boy. The nxt day another colleague I went to visit her in the hospital, and made her also a cloth label with a bell inside: She loved it too...

I had another idea to try so made for Yarah also a cloth label with a bell;So my SIL has now 2 lovely gifts to give to her friend.

I started on my February piece from the LK SAL from my yahoo group. But my photo-camera his battery died, so can't take a photo yet....

I do have a lovely photo of Noah in a blouse and boxers (boxers is a fake from Bjorn Borg got it last year from a friend)....

I hope to post sooner next time, but can't promisse..
Thanks all for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment!!

9 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Those pies look delicious!
Very cute baby gifts. I'm sure the little ones will love them!

Marion zei

Annette wat een heerlijke taarten, je zou er zo in bijten.
Wat een schattige kado'tjes heb je gemaakt en de Björn Borg staat Noah geweldig.

Gr. Marion

Mylene zei

Cute picture of Noah!

hmmmm...all the pies looks yummy. Wish you live nearby i'll stop by for a cup of coffee and pie!!

All baby gifts are all lovely.

Lainey zei

Yummy pies and beautiful baby gifts!
Lovely photo of Noah.

Gerda zei

Wowww, wat zie ik hier toch weer voor lekkers.... je kan er wat van hoor Annette!!!

De baby kadootjes zien er ook alweer zo leuk uit...

En de kleine Noah is toch zo 'n schattig en mooi ventje, met of zonder zijn Bjorn Borg....

Liefs... zei

oeioeioeioei...... die foto's van die lekkere taarten dat is echt niet goed voor mij , zou er zo in willen bijten ....mmmmmmmm.....! Jij kan ook echt alles hè ,prachtige baby geschenkjes heb je gemaakt en die kleine Noah ..... ziet er ook uit om in te bijten ;)

Veerle zei

schitterend weer zeg!
hoe maak je toch die slabbetjes? Ik zou niet weten hoe eraan te beginnen...

Ranae zei

Happy Birthday to you and your hubby.
Yummy pies!
Cute bib and other gifts, sure to be loved.
Noah's has the most stunning blue eyes, cutie pie!

Lumiruusu zei

Thank You for visiting my blog!!
All the gifts you have made are so lovely!1
The bib with the butterflies was so cute -I am sure the baby-girl and her mother loved it!!