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maandag 17 mei 2010

A busy few days.

Sorry can't come up with a better title... I have been a away for a few days for the wedding of BIL and SIL and the birthday of my godchild and FIL.
The boys where so adorable on the wedding, look at this lovely picture:

To put on the tie wasn't that nice but they played the whole day.. Everybody said they looked so lovely.

For Adam my godchild I made this love sling:And just as I made for every first birthday a cute bib with his name and date of birth: And I bought a lovely play race car for him.

Before we went away I've stitched a bit and finished the third side:Stitched up most of the fourth side: Because I was out of the light brown DMC color 2827 I stared the fifth side: I just saw that the color has arrived with the mail, I can continu with the fourth piece..

I totally forgot the mention that Noah has a sandbox. My father promissed last year to make one and a few weeks ago I gave him a hint that it's becomming lovely weather. So he made one. Look at Noah playing in it:
I'm going to do some stitches before I need to go to work.

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Till next time

7 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

The little boys look so sweet all dressed up. And nothing is more fun than a sandbox!

Cute sewing and stitching as always.

Jane zei

Ahhh, sooo cute, the boys look adorable.
Such sweet stitching too especially the little horse on the bib. Your photo of Noah playing in his sandpit brings back such happy memories for me even though most of the sand ended up everywhere it shouldn't be!!!

Lainey zei

Aww the boys are just darling in their little suits.
Great stitching, love they horsey! zei

ooohhh wow ......what a cute two boys, they look stunning in their beautiful suit!Hopefully there are some nice weather so the kids can play in the garden and sandpit!
Great stitching also !

Lumiruusu zei

Thank you for visting my blog!
You have plenty of lovaly stitchings here! And you little boy is adorable!

Mylene zei

The boys looks great on their suits.

Another cute bib and as well as the blocks.

Hope you are having a nice week. I was invited to go to "Libelle Week" tomorrow-never been there so i am really curious! We have to leave quite early though...

Anoniem zei

Annette wat zal Noah veel plezier hebben van zijn zandbak. Het mooie weer is er eindelijk!!!!!

Fijne Pinksterdagen en heel veel groetjes van Marion