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donderdag 20 mei 2010

Another two sides finished!!

Here are the lovely pictures:
I have started the last side hope too finish it soon, so the cube can be finished, because I have another idea to make from a few of the pieces.

A few weeks back I've been surfing on the web looking for so more shaps to bake cookies and look at what I found: And look how much fun Noah had with it yesterday:

And did was the result:
My sweet boy was trying to make a hat of a newspaper so I fold him one:
Isn't it sweet?

Today we went cycle to the dike looked ad pointed to all the boats, he loved it And we came across cow's, sheeps, horses and many birds, after the cycle he played in the garden in his sansbox, how much fun that is.......

Thanks all for voiting on my poll. I've ordered both fabric and they arrived this afternoon. Next week I'm going to sew it up in a duvet cover.

Thanks all for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment about the cute outfits for the boys..
Hope you will came back..

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Arlette zei

Hi Annette & little Noah! Noah, you are a handsome little boy and you look so cute in your paper hat. I bet you made that all by yourself, didn't you? LOL It looks like you are a very good baker too!
Annette, your stitcheries are very beautiful. You have a very lovely blog.
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for leaving the sweet comments that you do. Take care!

Amarins zei

Geweldig Annette, wat een leuke foto's. Dat koekjes bakken valt altijd in de smaak bij de kids. Erg leuk!
Je geborduurde werkjes zijn erg lief.
Amarins zei

Wat een goed idee Annette de koekjes in die vormpjes dat zouden mijn kleinkinderen ook wel leuk vinden om te doen , moet ik onthouden ;)
Je geborduurde beertjes zien er echt schattig uit ! Mooie patroontjes !

Annie zei

Looks like you have so much fun with that little guy.

Your newest blocks look very cute.

Virpi zei

Those stitched bears looks really cute. Nice cookies too =)