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donderdag 25 februari 2010

Update and Awards!!

I just stopt stitching the horses, I stitched to long this night, tomorrow is another day to stitch. It's a lot off brown to stitch, and already out of a color. But many other brown colors too do.
Here is the progress:
In the time my laptop was broken, I needed to google my blog every time I wanted to get on it, on DH's laptop. And in one of the link I saw that I got a award..... in the summer 2009 .... yes 2009.... Then I didn't know you could receive a e-mail for every comment, I missed a lot of comment then. But now I get one with every comment, so mis non.
They award I got is from Ingrid , Thank you so much for my first award

And today I have got my second award from Kronova. Thank you so much for giving it too me..

Rule 4: 7 fact...uuuuhhmmm...
1. I'm mother of a lovely 17 month old boy Noah.
2. I'm 25 years old (that young.....yes)
3. I now DH almost 7 years and we are almost 6 years together..
4. I love sewing and stitching (but you already know that)
5. Through this blog I'm trying to learn better English (It's working a bit..)
6. I would love to learn crochet again
7. I love reading your blog... and look for new ideas to make.

That hard to think about..

Rule 5: Give it to 5 others:
* Chiloe
* Mylene
* Wendy
* Wendy
* Annie

And I would like to give it to every-one. I love to look and follow al your blogs, It a enjoy to read them..... I'm almost blogging for one year now (yes one already) and have found so many lovely blogs.... Keep on blogging all!!!

And the finish of tonight a lovely picture of Noah done eating his dessert Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment

7 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Thanks so much for the award, Annette. I feel honored to receive it.

And I know what you mean about a lot of browns. Time to take a break from it.

Ginnie zei

Your horses are looking great.

Amarins zei

De paarden worden prachtig!

Anoniem zei

Fijn dat je een nieuwe laptop hebt Annette!
We kunnen echt niet meer zonder he LOL!
De paarden worden prachtig en wat wordt Noah toch snel groot, wat een lekker mannetje!
Groetjes, Hetti

Mylene zei

I'm truly honored to receive this award. Thank you so much, Annette.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Katrien zei

Congrats on your award. Was Noah het dessert aan het eten, of was het dessert Noah aan het eten? :-) Goeie vooruitgang met je paarden.

Wendy zei

Heel erg bedankt Annette voor deze mooie blog award, ik ga hem zeker op mijn blogje zetten :)
Het doet altijd plezier om zoiets te krijgen.