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zondag 14 februari 2010

Chickie has two friends!!

This week I've made two more Chickens.. They are fun to make and lovely baby gifts.

They are sitting outside in the snow....

Yesterday we went to Noah his girlfriend Tess, she is getting a baby sister or brother in the summer. I made for Tess a pink play-ball and we gave a chicken for the baby.
Noah loved to play with Tess.
A few days ago the two played in the snow since then Tess says Noah's name al day..hihi

I also have made some birds, they are done and sitting in the branch.
I finally made a picture of them:

I'm still in a non stitching mood.... I just started trying to make a Bumba doll. Noah loves Bumba..

A few lovely pictures of Noah:

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3 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Lots of cute things. Love your little birdies.

Hope that paint is edible!

Mylene zei

Cute cute cute! You are very creative.

Great pictures of Noah.

Am i glad there's not much snow over here but they expect more though...i really wish it's over!!

Ranae zei

I love the birds on the branches
Noah is so cute