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zondag 29 november 2009

White White White!!!!

But first....
Look at what the postman have brought yesterday night.

A few weeks ago I was one of the lucky winners of Andrea RAK giveaway.
She had choose to let 11 lucky people win a ornament, I'm so happy to be one of them....
Look at the lovely ornament she had made for me!!!
Thank you so much Andrea for the lovely gift

Yes the white. I have done al the white in my snowmen banner. It was al lots of white, and this evening I was very glad that it was finished. White snow, white snowmen and white snowflakes, white white white.....
Still need to do 2 colors and al the backstitches. One of the colors I need to order first, it run out. Then the backstitches again, with 1, 2 and 3 threads!!!!
Hope that they are done soon...
And hope it wil be done for christmas, then I can hang in on the wall

The card for my pregnant friend is done, hope she has arrived it.
Here the end result.

I also made another card but can't show it yet, it's also a lovely card.

This week I hope to start my first christmas ornament for myself.
Also need to make one for the EMS exchange where I signed up for.

That was it for tonight, thanks al for stopping by and leaving a comment...


7 opmerkingen:

Daffycat zei

Such a lovely ornament from Andrea! It will be beautiful on your tree!

I love stitching snowmen but sometimes all the white gets boring!

Mylene zei

Beautiful ornament from Andrea.

The snowmen seems nearly finish so i am sure it will be ready for x'mas.

Have a good week.

Annelein zei

Gefeliciteerd zeg. Een giveaway winnen is altijd leuk! En succes met je borduurproject. Met een beetje goede wil moet dat lukken.

Annie zei

Doesn't it feel good when all the white is done? Moving on the colors is its own reward.

Love the little ornie and your card looks very cute.

Andrea zei

Phew. Thought it would never get there. :) Great progress on your snowmen. Looking forward to seeing them finished.

Dani - tkdchick zei

What a gorgeous ornament! I've got that printed out to stitch as well, and red would be perfect!!!

YOur snowmen piece is cute!

Carol zei

Your ornament from Andrea is just lovely, Annette! Cute little snowman piece, too :)