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zaterdag 21 november 2009

Short update!!

A very short post!!
Here is a picture of how my new start looks like when it is done:

And here the update of how far I'm:

As you know I like to stitch color for color. The first 2 blue colors are done number 775 and 3325. I think that tomorrow evening I start with a red color...

Today my in-laws and grandpa came to visit and Noah have got some lovely gift for Sinterklaas.
Also Sinterklaas was in town, but Noah was asleep at that moment so we could not year better.

BUT I have bought a large (can he wear it a few years) Pieten clothes for him, and this is how that looks like......
Sleep well all.

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6 opmerkingen:

Mylene zei

Great design you are working on.

Cute cute picture of NOAH with his sinterklaas attire.

Shari zei

the piece you are working on is adorable. And oh my!!!! Your little boy is too precious!!!!

sofietjes handwerken zei

wat een schatje is noah in zijn pietenkleren.
Hier was sinterklaas gisteren ook en julie sliep ook en steve was werken dus ook niet gegaan.
Groetjes sofie

Tineke Machiela zei

wat leuk!!!!!!!
fijne zondag

Amarins zei

Hoi Annette, Je hebt al best wel een eindje gedaan zeg, erg leuk.
Noah is erg leuk in de pieten kleren. Heerlijk!

Anoniem zei

Ochgottegot, ochgottegot,

Noah kijkt niet erg gelukkig,
maar hij is om te kussen. XX