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dinsdag 24 november 2009

Sewing machine broke!!!

Damn... I just wanted to start sewing a overall for Noah so he can play outside, while the overall protects his clothes. And it broke....
DH is at work, so.... it need to wait till tomorrow.

So now I can stitch tonight on my three little snowmen, they are so cute. It has progressing good, many colors are done.
Here is a update photo:
But still need to do a few color...

Noah didn't want to eat tonight, but he always loves his fruits yoghurt, and he may eat that self. Two bites and he stearted to play with it and this is the result:

So off to stitch on snowmen....

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Annette and little Noah

4 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

What a mean thing for your sewing machine to do! Well, your snowmen thank your for the extra time anyway.

Glad I don't have to clean up after Noah. He is definitely an expert at making a mess! But he's sure cute when he does it.

Mylene zei

Sorry to hear about the sewing machine but you have done lots of progress on the snowman.

Oh waht a mess but cute picture of Noah!

Daffycat zei

I hope you can get your sewing machine fixed in a flash. It's a good thing you have such a cute stitch project to keep you busy while you wait. I looks darling so far!

Tineke Machiela zei

hahaha wat leuk ...heerlijk die knoei partij:)

jammer van je naaimachine meis...
groetjess Tineke